❶ How To Wear Contact Lenses

❶ How To Wear Contact Lenses
❶ How To Wear Contact Lenses

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How to wear contact lenses
How to wear contact lenses

Contact lenses are now becoming an increasingly popular means of vision correction. But using contact lenses requires care and knowledge of many important little things. In addition, it is impossible to choose lenses on your own, you must definitely contact an ophthalmologist. Location: Location:

Basic rules for wearing lenses:

1) contact lenses according to the results of diagnostics should be selected by an ophthalmologist;

2) buy contact lenses only in specialized stores;

3) carefully read the instructions supplied with the lenses;

4) undergo an examination by an ophthalmologist once a year, if you have just started wearing lenses, see an ophthalmologist every three months in the first year;

5) wear clean and well-rinsed lenses in a clean environment with well-washed hands;

6) change lens containers every 3 months;

7) if the lens is damaged or discolored, it must be replaced;

8) if a foreign body gets into the eye, remove the lenses so as not to damage the eyes;

9) remove your lenses before swimming, sauna, hot bath and contact with irritating gases;

10) always carry a lens container with fresh solution;

11) apply makeup or cream after wearing your lenses;

12) When wearing lenses, there is often a feeling of dry eyes, use special moisturizing drops that match your lenses.

13) in case of redness, discomfort in the eyes, deterioration of vision, you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is strictly forbidden:

1) leave the lenses overnight if they are not intended for this;

2) use lenses for longer than the prescribed period;

3) use the same solution for lenses more than once, use an expired solution;

4) store and rinse contact lenses in liquids not intended for this;

5) take the lenses with nails, sharp or hard objects;

6) use lenses during colds, SARS, flu or allergies;

7) put on other people's lenses

With lenses you can:

• apply makeup, perfume and perfume sprays;

• wear dark glasses.

• engage in any active sports and fitness.

• wash and shower without looking up at the stream of water

• take pictures, shoot videos and look through a microscope

• drive all kinds of vehicles: car, motorcycle, bicycle

What to do, if…?

* the lens is stuck together - place the lens in the solution. Let it straighten out on its own or use silicone tipped tweezers.

* the lens has fallen to the floor - rinse the lens under a stream of solution, fill the containers and immerse the lens in fresh solution. Wait a few hours.

* the lens is torn - in this case, you can only throw it away and go to the store for a new one.

Good luck with your lenses, we hope you find our tips useful!

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