❶ Types And Methods Of Fashionable Manicure

❶ Types And Methods Of Fashionable Manicure
❶ Types And Methods Of Fashionable Manicure

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Types and methods of fashionable manicure
Types and methods of fashionable manicure

In the modern world, looking well-groomed is a rule for a woman. And not only the hairstyle, face and body are important, but also the hands, or rather the nails. A woman with a neglected, unkempt manicure evokes not the best attitude from others. Location: Location:

Modern cosmetology is very well developed, and there are a huge variety of tools and methods for nail care.

It is advisable to do shape correction and procedures for the skin around the nails (cuticles) every week.

The classic way is to steam your nails in a warm bath. At the same time, essential oils and various emollients are added to the water. After this procedure, the cuticle softens and can be easily removed using nail scissors or tweezers. This method is very good for neglected nails.

Manicure is very popular today without using the usual manicure set and without preliminary steaming the nails. To do this, first, a special agent is applied to the cuticle, which softens it very well and makes it easy to remove or push back. The huge advantage of this method is that there is no chance that delicate skin will be damaged, as when using scissors.

Another option for manicure, when the nails are dipped not into water, but into a special composition that contains medicinal oils and vitamins. It is constantly heated in a special device, which allows the composition to most effectively affect the nails. This is a very good way to strengthen flaky and brittle nails and speed up their growth. However, this procedure must be done regularly to get the effect.

A properly selected nail polish gives a special beauty to a manicure. It should be remembered that for work or various serious events, bright, flashy colors will be inappropriate. You can opt for light pink, beige shades. French manicure looks especially neat and natural. It will match any outfit and any occasion. For this, you can use both colorless varnish and translucent varnishes of light natural shades.

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