❶ How To Use Cosmetic Ice

❶ How To Use Cosmetic Ice
❶ How To Use Cosmetic Ice

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How to use cosmetic ice
How to use cosmetic ice

Ice cubes have a beneficial effect on the skin. A morning massage with them will help to invigorate and tighten the pores. Besides, cosmetic ice is a good remedy for rejuvenation. It is easy to prepare and only takes a couple of seconds to use. Location: Location: Short-term cooling promotes narrowing of superficial vessels and expansion of deep vessels. After a massage with ice cubes, blood flow to the skin cells is significantly increased and, as a result, their metabolism improves. As a result, the cheeks glow with a natural glow and the skin becomes more elastic.

The effect of using ice is most noticeable at a young age, at the first hint of wrinkles, dryness and dullness of the skin. At a more mature age, this procedure does not bring such a noticeable effect, but it can keep the skin toned and refresh it.

It is useful to do “ice” massage a couple of times a day. Cubes can also be used to wipe the neck and décolleté. This procedure should be performed quickly, barely touching the skin and not keeping the ice in one place for a long time. This manipulation will be even more beneficial if you do not dry your skin with a towel, but let it dry naturally. So the skin will be able to absorb as much as possible those useful components that are available in cosmetic ice.

Cubes can have very different compositions. The easiest option is to make ice from ordinary mineral water. Just pour it into molds and freeze. Better to use still water. Mineral water ice will suit any skin, as well as strong green tea cubes.

To relieve the inflammatory process, prepare ice from the infusion of celandine. Brew a spoonful of the herb in a glass of boiling water, strain and freeze. This ice helps to cleanse the skin of acne. Cubes made from decoctions of chamomile and sage have a similar property.

To whiten the skin and cleanse it of pigmentation, frozen broth of rice will help. Rinse the rice, boil it until tender. Throw on a sieve, and pour the broth into molds and place in the freezer.

Fruit ice also has good whitening properties. For its manufacture, you can use lemon or grapefruit juice. Squeeze the juice from the citrus fruit, dilute with boiled water in a 1: 1 ratio. Freeze the resulting mixture. After rubbing with this ice, do not wash your face for 20 minutes.

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