❶ Woman Of Balzac Age

❶ Woman Of Balzac Age
❶ Woman Of Balzac Age

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Video: Honoré de Balzac documentary 2023, January
A woman of balzac age
A woman of balzac age

The heroine of Balzac is a woman at the age of thirty, but now the age of 45 - 50 is considered “Balzac's”. Much has been left behind and will not happen again … However, with age, women become wiser. There is an understanding of how to behave and how to present. In short, you can find pluses at any age. Location: Location:

Psychologists advise to correctly apply the achievements of past years and enjoy every day. Only sometimes two problems prevent optimism - fading beauty, as a reminder of imminent old age, and menopause …

Still, the personal care industry is booming; there are new ways to prolong and preserve youth. In addition, in adulthood, women have already studied their shortcomings in order to hide them, and their advantages, which are important to highlight and emphasize. Hair color change, anti-aging treatments, exercise, massage … However, the main thing is to deal with your thoughts and feelings! After all, there are often cases when the fair sex falls into stress only from the expectation of menopause, long before it. There are mainly two reasons: psychological - parting with an active young life, physiological - hormonal changes.

It is worth remembering that now the symptoms characteristic of the approaching menopause can be treated without much difficulty. However, with anxiety about farewell to youth, things are much more complicated. Only the fears of ladies of Balzac age in front of the inevitable fading of their female functions are greatly exaggerated. In order not to get hung up on this, you should accept your life as it is, and always learn new things.

Of course, entering the period of menopause is a crisis stage in life. The woman often looks back. Something she did not have time, something she did wrong … But it's never too late to master something new. Or even admit someone new to her, if a woman of Balzac's age is lonely. In some Asian cultures, it is believed that a woman who has left childbearing age has already taken place as a mother (that is, at first, intimate relationships were needed, first of all, for the birth of children) and now can fully enjoy physical love. And some Russian women perceive the termination of "critical days" rather as a plus - there is no fear of unplanned pregnancy.

In general, it's too early to bury yourself! It is quite possible - to go through menopause painlessly. At the same time, it is not necessary to postpone taking care of yourself for better (uncertain) times. That which in youth is given by itself, in the "balzac age" will have to earn.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that people who, despite their age, are engaged in active mental activity, are not at risk of senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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