❶ The Sea As A Conductor Of Energy: The Beneficial Properties Of Sea Water

❶ The Sea As A Conductor Of Energy: The Beneficial Properties Of Sea Water
❶ The Sea As A Conductor Of Energy: The Beneficial Properties Of Sea Water

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The sea as a conductor of energy: the beneficial properties of sea water
The sea as a conductor of energy: the beneficial properties of sea water

One of the four elements - water - takes the form of rivers, oceans, seas on our planet. This is the most powerful entity in terms of energy, which has a tangible effect on a person. Location: Location:

The secret of the sea's power lies not only in the huge volume of water, it also absorbs solar energy. Waves, tides, currents and temperature differences between water and near its surface are a promising source of renewable energy that can serve humanity. The sea also manifests itself at the micro level, in relation to a specific person. And if the result of its impact were not positive, relaxing by the sea would not be the most popular way to spend a vacation.

The measured movements of the waves, the sound of water hitting stones, sun glare entangled in water ripples always help to relax and feel peace. The sea inspires calmness also due to the fact that, as a rule, it evokes pleasant, positive associations. Memories from childhood, when you ran on the sand or pebbles, laughed with your parents and the feeling of carelessness and security was not even realized. Now, also unconsciously, these sensations break through time when you find yourself at the sea.

Staying by the sea is more often associated with rest than with work, which allows you to throw all the accumulated problems out of your head, "reboot". This is the process of accumulating energy, and there is also the opposite, but also positive.

Nobody needs to be told about the benefits of swimming. But you've probably noticed how tired you get after a day in the water. This happens not only due to physical exertion - the sea temperature is always lower than body temperature, so it takes energy, and more energy is spent. But how pleasant it is to relax later.

The sea lives according to its own biorhythms and during the day has different effects on a person. It is believed that until six in the morning it "charges", from six to noon and from six to nine in the evening - neutral, and from twelve in the afternoon to six in the evening it takes energy. It is worth making a reservation, or rather, to clarify that in this case it directs the energy flows together with the sun. And you need to choose the time for swimming taking into account these features.

How does the sea energize the body? Sea water, due to its salt content, has healing and healing properties. Iodine, which is part of its composition, contributes to the regulation of metabolism, rejuvenates cells, calcium strengthens bone tissue, heals, fights depression, like magnesium, bromine has soothing properties. Iron supplies oxygen, chlorine is useful in the fight against fungal diseases, zinc improves immunity. And this is not the whole list of sea water minerals. We need all these elements to be healthy, and a healthy body means strong, full of energy.

The waters of different seas differ in composition. First of all, by the concentration of salts. After the Dead Sea (270 ‰, ppm), with which nothing else can be compared, the Red Sea is recognized as the most saturated - 42 ‰. The salinity of the Mediterranean Sea is 38 ‰, the Black Sea - 18, the Caspian Sea - 14, the Azov Sea - 11, the Baltic Sea - 7.

Countries that are located in the waters of saturated seas are actively using this. Many Israeli cosmetics companies include Dead Sea salt in their products.

Renowned for its innovative cosmetics, DeSheli has a range of products enriched with Dead Sea minerals - Sea Illusion Sense of Perfection. This is a complex of anti-aging products for skin and hair. Shampoo, conditioner, design cream have regenerating properties. They are suitable for all hair types, reduce the risk of hair loss and fight the effects of daily stress. Dead Sea minerals are deeply active by nourishing the scalp and hair from the inside out. The company's specialists have added Argan oil from Morocco and lavender to the composition of the products, which also protect against the negative effects of the environment.

DeSheli cosmetics containing sea salt can be used both at sea and in everyday life. Shampoo with salt gives hair volume, and its particles are found in many scrubs.

So the sea is present in our life every day! But from time to time it is still worth leaving all business and flying away in order to plunge into the real sea and recharge with its energy.

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