❶ Makeup Lesson: Red Lipstick

❶ Makeup Lesson: Red Lipstick
❶ Makeup Lesson: Red Lipstick
Makeup lesson: red lipstick
Makeup lesson: red lipstick

Red lipstick is a luxury that not every woman can afford. Someone for the reason that it is too bright, someone simply does not want to attract attention, but there are those who simply do not know how to correctly choose makeup for such a bold shade of lipstick. But you must admit that she is the undisputed classic in makeup. Lip gloss or glitter is all that comes and goes. Red lipstick in any case will give the image a sexy and special charm. That is why, at least sometimes, allow yourself to wear this seductive color on your lips. Location: Location: Red lipstick comes in many shades. For any woman there is "her" shade of red. When choosing it, it is important to consider skin and hair color. For owners of pale skin, absolutely any shade of red lipstick is suitable.Dark-skinned people need to adhere to the rule that the darker the complexion, the more saturated tone should be the lipstick. For hot brunettes, a brighter, richer and more juicy red tone, for example, plum or fuchsia, suits. These shades will make a dark-haired woman more attractive and effective. It is not recommended that scarlet lipstick for brunettes, especially with dark skin, have a golden or copper tone, otherwise the face will give off an unhealthy yellowness.otherwise the face will give off an unhealthy yellowness.otherwise the face will give off an unhealthy yellowness.

It is better for blondes to give up bright red lipstick in order to avoid a vulgar look. In addition, fair-haired women should be especially careful about the light pink tone, as it can make the image too unsightly and dull. The ideal tones of red lipstick for blondes are pink and peach.

Having decided to use red lipstick, the main thing to remember is that it always focuses on the lips, therefore, the rest of the makeup, especially daytime, must be done in restrained tones. A minimum of shadows, a bit of mascara and well-defined eyebrows will be enough. In makeup for the evening, it is permissible to use rich shadows and direct black arrows.

Applying this lipstick to lips is a real art. Makeup artists recommend adhering to the following rules:

- before using red lipstick, it is advisable to do a light peeling of the lips. She exposes any imperfection, and chapped and rough lips are not the best basis for this lipstick;

- lips will acquire a seductive volume, and the color will lie smoother if you massage the skin of the lips a little with an ordinary toothbrush before makeup;

- it is advisable to use a special moisturizing base or regular hygienic lipstick. This will help to hide roughness and cracks on the lips;

- it is necessary to apply a contour for the lips, the color of which should be combined with the shade of the red lipstick used. The contour will make it easier to apply such a bright color, as well as add volume to thin lips. After outlining the contours of the lips, it is better to powder a little;

- apply lipstick with a brush with light strokes, moving from the center to the corners of the lips;

- the final chord should be a paper napkin, which is applied to the lips to remove excess lipstick applied. After that, you should powder them a little and paint again;

- To make your lips look seductively plump, you can apply a little gloss of a lighter shade of red on the matte red lipstick.

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