❶ Cons Of Hair Extensions

❶ Cons Of Hair Extensions
❶ Cons Of Hair Extensions

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Cons of hair extensions
Cons of hair extensions

Today, an increasing number of women want to achieve a stunning look by any means, and there are a lot of opportunities for this these days. For example, if nature has not pleased you with long luxurious hair, then this misunderstanding can be easily corrected by extending your hair. But not everyone knows that building up has a lot of disadvantages. Location: Location:

The most, perhaps, the main disadvantage of extension is that this procedure is quite traumatic for hair. The most harmful is the hot extension, in which the hair is literally "burned" with hot tongs. Injures hair and bead extensions, only mechanically, not thermally. Considered the safest, cold Spanish extensions with glue can also ruin hair if the procedure is inept, so the master must be chosen very carefully.

Hair extensions have contraindications. With sensitive skin on the head or vegetative-vascular dystonia, a headache in the literal sense of the word is guaranteed. And the reason is that the capsules, albeit small, are quite tangible and can irritate sensitive skin.

Extensive hair needs special care, it requires special products and combs. Such hair will not allow you to do absolutely any type of hairstyle. For example, having combed the strands up, you need to be prepared for the capsules to become treacherously visible and give your head a sloppy look. Hot hair extensions should be very careful with irons, tongs and hair dryers, because the keratin capsule can be melted by hot styling and the strand will fall off.

Your man may not like hair extensions. It is easy to imagine that his reaction could be very unexpected when he gropes for hard capsules touching your hair.

Well, and not the smallest, perhaps, a minus in hair extension is the high cost of the procedure. Not all women can afford to spend such an amount on a hairstyle, and every two to three months it will be necessary to carry out a correction.

Before starting this procedure, it is advisable to calculate how much the result will overlap all these disadvantages.

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