❶ Beautiful Without Makeup

❶ Beautiful Without Makeup
❶ Beautiful Without Makeup

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Beautiful without makeup
Beautiful without makeup

Makeup is a real salvation for a woman. Skillful make-up is able to hide anything: traces of fatigue, age-related changes, bad mood. But you know that you are beautiful in itself, that no makeup can overshadow natural beauty. Location: Location:

We begin to love ourselves without makeup. Let's start with washing your face. Forget about water from the tap, replace it with thawed cool water. It is also good to wipe the skin with ice cubes.

Be sure to use a tonic. Keep the face cream cool. You yourself will not notice how in a few days the bags under the eyes will disappear without much effort and the signs of fatigue will disappear.

Tone and moisturize your skin often. We have already said about the tonic, now about moisturizing. In addition to applying a classic moisturizer, don't forget about water. The skin needs water in all its forms. Spray your face as often as possible, now you can buy oceanic, sea water in special cans. Place a water bottle in your purse. And drink, drink more often. You need to drink at least two liters of water a day. All this will not slow down to affect the condition of the skin.

Do not forget about masks that match your skin type: kefir, honey, egg.

Take care of your eyebrows and eyelashes. Shape your eyebrows, nourish your eyelashes with special formulations. Curl your lashes so they look well-groomed even without mascara.

Clean, well-groomed, well-styled hair will add extra charm to your look.

If you can't do without makeup at all, opt for natural makeup. Applying such makeup is a real art, but every woman should master it. Cosmetics are not a mask, you should not hide yourself.

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