❶ How To Choose Cosmetics For A Solarium

❶ How To Choose Cosmetics For A Solarium
❶ How To Choose Cosmetics For A Solarium

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How to choose cosmetics for a solarium
How to choose cosmetics for a solarium

The solarium has long become a common part of life. It is well known that artificial sun is much safer than natural. But even despite this, you need to be able to choose the right cosmetics for a tanning bed. Location: Location:

Firstly, it should be borne in mind that tanning cosmetics are not protective. In other words, if you've sunbathed in a tanning bed for too long, your skin will still turn red and need sour cream. Solarium cosmetics are designed to achieve other goals: faster tanning and longer-lasting darker skin tone. Of course, many of these products contain panthenol, but it is more anti-inflammatory than protective.

Secondly, you should always pay attention to the composition of the purchased cosmetics. Everyone knows that advertising is the engine of trade, therefore, in the composition of one product, magic substances can contribute to the manifestation of sunburn, and in the other, they will simply be moisturizing. If you want to get results, purchase products that include tyrosine. Tyrosine is a chemical that promotes the formation of a special pigment in skin cells that is responsible for darkening the skin. True, the human skin itself already contains a sufficient amount of such pigments, and tyrosine, as it were, attracts more sunlight.

Third, tyrosine should be distinguished from bronzers. Bronzers give a stronger tanned skin effect. The difference is that it is just an effect. That is, bronzers function like self-tanners. They do not form the necessary pigments, but simply paint the skin a darker color.

If your skin is not sensitive and you have healthy blood vessels, then tingle-effect products are best for you. Such funds help accelerate blood circulation, which in turn leads to acceleration of chemical processes inside the cell and the formation of melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment in skin cells that is responsible for tanning.

The second group of products aimed at maintaining tanning is represented by moisturizers. The fact is that moisturized skin retains a tan better. If you do not take care of yourself using moisturizers, your skin will simply flake off and your tan will fade away.

Choose the tanning cosmetics that really suit you and tan.

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