❶ Thai Natural Cosmetics

❶ Thai Natural Cosmetics
❶ Thai Natural Cosmetics

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Thai natural cosmetics
Thai natural cosmetics

The cosmetics of Thailand have an exceptional feature: the products produced in this country are made on a natural basis, and most of them consist of 80-90% natural raw materials. The high quality of natural components - extracts of fruits growing in the tropics, various herbs and flowers and, of course, algae - is due to favorable climatic and ecological conditions. Location: Location: How did this cosmetics strike the imagination of sophisticated modern people? Last but not least, it is attractive due to its delicate and “tasty” aromas and pleasant sensations, but the main secret of its popularity lies in its healing and rejuvenating properties. The wonderful results are explained by the action of antioxidants, which are contained in all infusions and natural oils.Thai cosmetics differ from European ones in the increased percentage of bleaching agents.

First of all, you should pay attention to coconut oil, which is used in its natural form for food and massage and is found in various shampoos, balms and aromatic oils. It can perfectly protect, soften and replenish the skin with nutrients, as it is well absorbed by the human body. The widespread use of the oil is also due to its hypoallergenic properties and the absence of contraindications and side effects.

Aromatherapy is very popular in Thailand, so aromatherapy mixtures for baths, as well as massages, cosmetics with the addition of these substances and various aromatherapy accessories can be easily purchased there.

The inhabitants of this country, and with them the rest of the world, love balms that are produced on the basis of natural oils or from the seeds of various wild herbs. Balms have a relaxing and tonic effect on muscles and joints, reduce inflammation and are very effective in helping with headaches.

In Thai cosmetology, papaya juice is widely used, which nourishes, smoothes the skin and makes it more elastic, and also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Natural cosmetics based on jasmine are no less popular, which can soothe, relieve pain and tension, and keep a person alert.

Cosmetics based on frangipani, an unusually fragrant flower used to treat depression, anxiety and fatigue, have also gained worldwide fame. In cosmetics, it is used to refresh the skin and relieve inflammation.

Thai cosmetics differ from European ones in the increased percentage of bleaching agents.

And, finally, Thai cosmetics cannot be imagined without natural deodorants - potassium alum. They look like hard crystals and are often odorless at all. These natural stones inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria that contribute to sweat odor. Those. this alum has no effect on the sweat glands and pores, you sweat, but there is no bad smell. This crystal is also used for disinfecting and for insect bites or cuts. Its most important advantages are the absence of chemical fragrances and hypoallergenicity.

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