❶ How To Wash Hair Extensions

❶ How To Wash Hair Extensions
❶ How To Wash Hair Extensions

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How to wash hair extensions
How to wash hair extensions

Long hair has always been and remains the standard of femininity and beauty. Nowadays, it is not at all necessary to wait for your own curls to grow back. You can visit the salon and become the owner of a luxurious head of hair in one day. Craftsmen will build up using the most modern, efficient and reliable technologies for a very reasonable price. But extending hair is half the battle. It takes proper care to make them look great. Location: Location:

After the extension, the master will conduct a detailed instruction on hair care, advise which products are most suitable for care, as well as how to properly wash, dry and comb the curls. If, after the briefing, any questions arise or something is not clear, then you can always contact your master or call by phone and get additional advice.

Having hair extensions takes much longer to care for them. They should be washed with a mild, neutral shampoo, under a stream of warm shower, after washing, apply a generous balm. The extended hair should not be thrown forward and pulled; it is necessary to wash your hair while standing. Shampoo should be applied with smooth movements from top to bottom.

After washing, gently blot hair with a soft terry towel, apply nourishing oil, light cream or spray with a care and easy combing spray, blow dry with warm air.

You can not go to bed with wet or poorly dried hair, with loose curls. Before going to bed, you should collect the extended curls in a tail or braid them in a braid, as they can get tangled, and when untangling, there is a chance to pull out the strands. For brushing, use a soft massage comb with bristles. Combing, starting from the ends and gradually, smoothly, carry it through all curls.

With loose hair extensions, you cannot visit the bathhouse, sauna, solarium. If there is a need to visit these establishments, then the hair should be braided, put on a spacious rubber cap and only then go into a hot room or a solarium.

You cannot wash your hair in a basin, as it may entangle and pull out the strands, after which you will have to carry out an urgent correction.

With proper and careful care, emergency correction will not be required, you will only need to regularly visit your master and carry out a planned correction.

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