❶ Beauty Lesson: Drying And Styling Your Hair

❶ Beauty Lesson: Drying And Styling Your Hair
❶ Beauty Lesson: Drying And Styling Your Hair

Video: ❶ Beauty Lesson: Drying And Styling Your Hair

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Beauty lesson: drying and styling your hair
Beauty lesson: drying and styling your hair

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that a few decades ago, women dried their hair only in a natural way. It took quite a long time. When a hairdryer appeared, this process was reduced to a few minutes. But even such a simple matter has its own subtleties. Location: Location: The most important rule of drying hair with a hairdryer: the distance between it and the hair should be at least 15 centimeters. Especially if you use a hairdryer every day. Hot air damages hair, makes it lifeless and dull. To avoid this, it is better to do styling every other day. If this is not possible, try to select the mode of supply of warm air, not hot. For cold drying, a closer distance is acceptable.

Do not dry very damp hair. Before drying, be sure to blot them with a towel, then dry them a little and then you can already take up the hair dryer. When drying with a towel, do not rub or curl your hair as damp hair is quite fragile.

Before blow-drying, spray your hair with a special protective spray that relieves static electricity from the hair.

After the spray, apply the desired styling product.

Part your hair into sections. Dry and comb them separately so your hair won't get tangled.

For any styling, hold the hairdryer so that the air blows from the very roots to the ends of the hair.

Modeling products and a round brush will help you style and smooth your bangs. Style the bangs to your liking and fix it in this position with a brush. Then use a hairdryer to complete the entire modeling process.

Pulling hair with special brushes while drying helps to give your look the perfect salon smoothness. It also indicates a good condition and hair care.

To curl the ends of the strands, apply a little lather and roll onto a large round brush. Then leave the brush there until it has cooled down after hot air drying. Then carefully remove it and sprinkle the resulting curl with varnish.

At the end of styling, apply the glitter spray to your hair. It will give them shine even in inclement weather. Just don't buy a spray with large glitter, as it is intended exclusively for festive hairstyles, and looks ridiculous on weekdays.

If you regularly use a hair dryer or iron, eat a special diet so that your hair gets the nutrients it needs. Also needed are lotions, intensive regenerating masks and various hair serums.

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