❶ How To Lighten Facial Skin

❶ How To Lighten Facial Skin
❶ How To Lighten Facial Skin

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How to lighten facial skin
How to lighten facial skin

Pale skin is considered aristocratic and delicate. Some women want to lighten the skin in order to slightly change its color, to make the skin and hair combination more suitable. Lightening the skin tone is more difficult than darkening it. Location: Location: If your skin is not prone to irritation and inflammation, try adding a few drops of lemon or grapefruit juice to your wash. You can wipe your face with a swab dipped in fresh citrus juice every other day. If you buy lotions and tonics for the face, then pay attention to their composition - some plant extracts (chamomile, cucumber, lemon, parsley) have whitening properties.

Always protect your skin from UV radiation with products with the highest protection factor. Whitening creams should also contain sunscreen.

Use a scrub regularly - its abrasive particles gently remove the surface layer of the epidermis, thereby brightening the skin.

Whitening masks with natural milk ingredients are very effective - kefir, sour cream, sour milk, yogurt or whey can be used alone or mixed with other ingredients for additional skin nutrition. Make a mixture of olive oil, protein, lemon juice. Spread the composition evenly over the face, hold it for about 10 minutes, then wash with warm milk. This mask can be done a couple of times a week.

A mixture of milk and flour is no less effective - mix the ingredients so that the resulting gruel resembles a batter. Spread on the skin and leave to absorb. The skin after such a mask not only whitens, but also becomes moisturized. In the morning, it is useful to wipe the skin with a piece of ice with frozen chamomile infusion or rice water (it is active for three days, then you need to prepare a new portion).

Increased intake of vitamin C affects the production of melanin, which affects skin tone. Enrich your diet with oranges, apples, kiwis, bell peppers and other foods that contain ascorbic acid.

You can use special whitening soaps, creams or serums - such products are active and brighten the skin even better than home remedies. But they should be used carefully, carefully monitoring the dosage and taking breaks in use so as not to cause allergic reactions.

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