❶ Masks For Normal Eyelash Growth

❶ Masks For Normal Eyelash Growth
❶ Masks For Normal Eyelash Growth

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Masks for normal eyelash growth
Masks for normal eyelash growth

Few girls can boast of long and fluffy eyelashes, so they are increasingly resorting to the procedure for building and curling them with expensive mascaras. However, there are many ways you can accelerate and strengthen your eyelashes. Location: Location: Aloe Vera Parsley Eyelash Mask

Take a small amount of parsley and grind in a blender, mix with a teaspoon of aloe vera juice. Apply the prepared mask to the eye skin and lash area with gentle, massaging, soft and gentle movements. After fifteen minutes, remove the composition with a cosmetic disc soaked in warm water, or wash with mineral water without gas.

Mask for rapid eyelash growth

Mix burdock and castor oil in equal proportions, add a few drops of aloe juice and fat-soluble vitamins E and A. Mix everything thoroughly and store in a glass container with a lid. You can pour the resulting composition into a carefully washed and dried tube from under the old mascara. Apply the oil mask on the eyelashes with a brush, try to act as carefully as possible so that the emulsion does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Eyelash camomile mask

Take two tablespoons of chamomile pharmacy and pour four tablespoons of boiling water, leave for twenty minutes and strain. Take a cotton swab and soak in castor oil, apply a thick layer along the lash line. Then moisten the cosmetic discs in warm chamomile infusion, squeeze lightly and apply to closed eyes. Keep this mask for twenty minutes, then remove excess castor oil with cotton pads, do not rinse.

Eyelash mask with aloe

To prepare this mask, take a tablespoon of castor or burdock oil and add a teaspoon of aloe juice, two drops of an oil solution of vitamin A and four drops of vitamin E. Mix everything thoroughly and use the resulting composition to lubricate the eyelashes and their growth line. Be careful not to get the oily solution in your eyes, store the glass container with the mixture in the refrigerator, heat it slightly before use (for best results).

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