❶ How To Apply Makeup On A Round Face

❶ How To Apply Makeup On A Round Face
❶ How To Apply Makeup On A Round Face

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How to apply makeup on a round face
How to apply makeup on a round face

If you are the owner of a round face, then you can congratulate yourself. Indeed, in the same camp with you there were such recognized beauties-actresses as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst, Kara Toynton, Charlize Theron and Drew Barrymore. As you can see, a round face is not such a drawback. Especially if you have minimal skills in handling decorative cosmetics. Location: Location: In chubby young ladies, the length of the face is approximately equal to its width, the cheeks are rounded, and the chin is soft. Of course, full cheeks are very cute, but many want to bring their image as close as possible to the ideal. An oval face shape is considered ideal. Well, arm yourself with tonal means, blush and go for it.

So, your goal is to visually stretch your face and reduce the volume in your cheeks. To do this, you need a foundation in two shades. One of them should be a tone lighter than your natural complexion, the other - a tone or two darker. In addition, you cannot do without blush.

First, apply a neutral tone to your face, which will even out the surface of the skin and hide its imperfections. Choose a shade of foundation that is lighter than your skin. This is necessary in order for the result to look natural.

Now take a foundation (cream or powder) slightly darker than your skin, and start adjusting the oval. To do this, apply tone on the side surfaces of the face from the temples to the chin. The strokes must be vertical. And don't forget to properly blend the boundaries between darker and lighter foundation.

Now it's the turn of the blush. Apply a suitable shade to the cheekbone line. The blush should lie in a triangle, the longest corner of which does not protrude beyond the outer corner of the eye. The rule "avoid horizontal lines" also applies here.

Evaluate the result. If necessary, use the dark foundation you have already used to correct the shape of the nose. Using the same tool, you can reduce the distance between the eyes if you, like most chubby ladies, have them set too wide. To do this, just shade the bridge of the nose a little.

So, you are almost there. The face has acquired a noble elongated outlines, and the plump cheeks look more sunken. A properly chosen hairstyle will complete the job.

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