❶ Tattoos ‚piercings‚ Scarification: Should You Decorate Your Body?

❶ Tattoos ‚piercings‚ Scarification: Should You Decorate Your Body?
❶ Tattoos ‚piercings‚ Scarification: Should You Decorate Your Body?

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Tattoos, piercings, scarification: should you decorate your body?
Tattoos, piercings, scarification: should you decorate your body?

Fashion is a pretty ruthless phenomenon. She has a special influence on young people who, in imitation of their idols, sometimes harm their own health. Piercing, tattooing and scarring are the best times to stop. Location: Location: A tattoo is a drawing (symbol) on the skin, which is made by applying paint under the skin. Tattoos can be one-color and colored. If in ancient society it was of greater importance, showing what role a person plays in society, talking about his clan and tribal affiliation, then in our time it is only a fashionable trend.

When deciding to apply a picture, you need to think about several important points. After all, a tattoo is easy to apply, but it is difficult to get rid of it later. This is a rather painful procedure, accompanied by damage to the skin. Performing this pseudo-cosmetic surgery in questionable conditions can lead to infection with various infections - from hepatitis to HIV. By the way, drawing a picture costs several times more than drawing. And after that, a mark will remain on the skin for life.

Even a henna-based temporary tattoo can be unsafe. It can cause allergic reactions and can contribute to the development of asthma. Furunculosis, herpes, the appearance of abscesses - all this can be a consequence of tattooing.

Piercing is the piercing of various parts of the body (ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, nipples, navel), after which a decorative earring made of silver, gold or a hypoallergenic alloy is inserted into the puncture. This fashion came from subcultures such as gothic, punk, rock and hippie. Initially, this was a protest against the foundations of society. Today, piercings can even be seen on the bodies of movie stars. And, nevertheless, it remains a rather dangerous operation.

Even when done under medical conditions, a puncture can lead to non-healing wounds, inflammation and bleeding. And it can also cause infection with such deadly infections as hepatitis B and C, blood poisoning, tetanus, AIDS (although in fairness it should be noted that when piercing in specialized salons, the likelihood of such consequences is very small).

Piercing is generally contraindicated for people with chronic diseases, as well as for those whose immune system is weakened. A piercing of the tongue can cause a partial loss of taste. Nipple piercing in women is a complication of breastfeeding.

And the last "squeak" of fashion is scarification. This dubious fashion also appeared in Russia. Cuts at a certain angle or moxibustion leave raised or deep decorative scars on the skin. Very often scarification is carried out at home, which is completely unacceptable. The use of alcohol instead of anesthesia, ignorance of the basics of disinfection, inability to calculate one's strength - all together this can lead to negative consequences - suppuration, infection.

Remember that getting rid of such traumatic “jewelry” is difficult or impossible. With age, you will become ashamed of them, but you will be forced to wear them on your body.

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