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Heel care
Heel care

Heel care is always relevant, and not only in the summer, when you need to wear open shoes. The heels, like no other part of the body, are susceptible to the formation of hyperkeratosis, that is, keratinization of the skin, due to which calluses and corns appear. The most popular and effective foot care is provided by regular salon treatments, but in addition to salon care, the achieved results should be systematically maintained at home. Location: Location:

Keratinization of the heels leads to the appearance of not only calluses, but cracks that can become inflamed, which poses a threat to health. Cracks take a long time to heal and resort to medical services. To prevent this from ever happening, systematically care for your heels, especially since it will not take too long.

It is enough to visit a beauty salon once, carry out professional hardware cleaning and do foot baths weekly, so as not to give even the slightest opportunity to coarse the heels.

Use sea salt, soda, herbal infusions for baths. To use sea salt, pour 4 liters of warm water into a basin, dissolve 6 tablespoons of sea salt, soak your feet in the solution for 30-40 minutes, constantly adding hot water, immediately clean your heels with a pumice stone, wipe with a soft towel, spread with a fat nourishing cream, put on socks … This is best done at night. In the morning, take off your socks, wash your feet with cool water and apply a light moisturizer to your feet. Use a light cream daily. You can use warmed olive oil instead of a greasy cream.

Apply a scrub to your heels every day while taking an evening shower. The scrub can be used both for the skin of the legs and for the whole body.

For herbal baths, use chamomile, sage, plantain, string, hops, St. John's wort. If cracks appear on the heels, then use decoctions or infusions of these herbs daily, then blot your feet with a towel and lubricate the cracks with honey, wrap them in cellophane and leave overnight. Honey applications in one week help to heal even deep cracks, but for very deep, bleeding cracks, consult a dermatologist. You will be prescribed an antibiotic ointment and a general examination, as cracks can appear not only due to insufficient care, but also be the result of serious diseases that require immediate treatment. For example, deep cracks in the heels appear with endocrine disorders, hormonal imbalance, and a lack of vitamins and minerals. Adequate therapy allows not only to forget about cracks,but also improve the overall condition of the entire skin.

If you do not want to go to the salon, and the skin on the heels is very coarse, use an express product. To do this, make a bath with soda, herbs or sea salt, rub your heels with a pumice stone, finely chop a large onion, put it on your heels, wrap it with cellophane. In the morning, dip your feet in warm water and scrub your heels with a pumice stone, then apply a rich nourishing cream and put on your socks. Perform the procedures daily until the entire stratum corneum is removed. Then follow up with systematic grooming.

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