❶ Business Lady Makeup

❶ Business Lady Makeup
❶ Business Lady Makeup

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Business lady makeup
Business lady makeup

Modern women have long walked up the career ladder on a par with men. As you know, they are greeted by clothes, so the image of a business woman must fully correspond to her position and status. And this requirement applies not only to clothing, shoes, accessories, but also to makeup. Location: Location:

So that the makeup of a business woman does not fail at the most inopportune moment, for example, with “floating” lipstick or crumbled mascara, it is necessary to use only high-quality cosmetics. When choosing decorative cosmetics to fill your "business cosmetic bag", remember that you need to choose calm pastel shades of shadows and lipsticks, only classic black mascara is acceptable, and save powder with pearl and glossy lip gloss for evening make-up.

The main task of the daytime makeup of women employed in business is to emphasize the merits and hide the flaws in their appearance.

Makeup should help to win people around you, and not draw undue attention to you. Long arrows, smoky-eyed eyelids with dark or bright shades of eyeshadow, flashy lipstick may not scare off your colleagues and business partners, but you are guaranteed bewilderment on their part.

Business makeup is applied in such a way as to create the impression of a lack of agreement. To do this, use halftones and subtle strokes. Avoid well-defined lines, they can indicate that you are more interested in your appearance than work.

What colors and makeup styles are acceptable for a business woman? Choose shadows that match your eye color and skin type, but remember that they should be light pastel tones, closer to natural. The use of pearlescent and glitter eyeshadows is inappropriate.

The texture of lipstick should be matte, and the colors should be calm - from delicate beige to plum or berry shades. Lip liner should completely match the tone of the lipstick and in no case contrast.

It is permissible to add blush to the makeup of a business woman. But they should not be bright and flashy, but only add freshness to the face.

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