❶ Ah, This Mole Drove Me Crazy

❶ Ah, This Mole Drove Me Crazy
❶ Ah, This Mole Drove Me Crazy

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Mole: how to look sexy
Mole: how to look sexy

Someone naturally has a couple of moles on the body and does not even notice them. Whereas the other person is simply strewn with them. As a rule, people with fair skin have a large number of moles. It happens that a mole fits nicely into the image of a person, and it happens that it seems ugly. But be that as it may, in fact, moles themselves can be very insidious. Location: Location:

First you need to figure out how dangerous a mole can be. Moles, or nevi, do not like very much when they are touched or injured. Bulging moles are especially at risk. They can be damaged inadvertently with a razor blade or clothing. Those from which the hair is pulled out are also at risk. Dermatologists recommend removing such nevi immediately - the aesthetic aspect is immediately solved, and the risk of injury will decrease.

Sometimes moles begin to grow in size, change color, or even become inflamed. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor, since it is possible to diagnose malignant melanoma in advance. This insidious "loner" very quickly metastases to the lungs, liver and brain. The sooner you pay attention to a suspicious change, the more chances you will have in time to identify a malignant disease.

So, everything is in order, there are no changed moles. But for the sake of safety, you decided to delete them. How to do it and where to start?

Immediately before removal, a specialist examines and examines the mole in various ways. The structure, color, density, uniformity and symmetry are studied. To do this, use a dermatoscope - an optical device that magnifies the image tenfold. It provides an excellent opportunity to view and study a mole from different angles.

Further, the mole can be cytologically examined. This means that if a mole secretes any secret or bleeds, then its cells are taken and sent for a separate study. This study helps to find and identify atypical cells. If, after the examination, your mole does not arouse suspicion, then it is removed on the day of treatment, but only after consulting an oncologist.

To remove convex moles, several removal methods are used: an electrocoagulator, liquid nitrogen, a laser, or a diathermocoagulator. The last method is the most modern and perfect: it simultaneously removes a mole, seals the capillaries and disinfects the skin.

Simple, flat moles are often removed with a conventional surgical scalpel. By itself, the procedure for removing simple harmless moles is simple and not very painful. It is performed in clinics under local anesthesia.

But if the doctor suspects you have a malignant birthmark, then a trip to a specialized cancer center is inevitable. There, the oncologist will conduct additional examinations of your mole. If the fears are confirmed, the doctor will remove it and carry out further treatment.

Melanoma is removed surgically, this is a whole serious operation. The scale of the intervention depends on how deeply it penetrated. In this case, the capture of adjacent healthy tissue will be from 2 to 5 centimeters. In rare cases, it is necessary to remove the lymph nodes that are nearby. The same applies to muscle tissue and adjacent subcutaneous fat. Such operations are performed under general anesthesia.

The last stage after the operation is healing.

A crust forms at the site of the removed simple mole, it lasts about two weeks. As a rule, the place of birthmark removal is treated with a 5% manganese solution.

After major surgery, you will have stitches at the site of removal. They will be removed after a while. Sometimes special ointments are used to speed up healing.

If your birthmark was removed by laser or electrocautery, then the removal site will only slightly differ in color from the surrounding skin. You will not be able to sunbathe for a month. Although doctors recommend that with a large number of moles, avoid ultraviolet radiation altogether. But if you really want to sunbathe, then it is best to do it under an awning.

It is worth noting that even in a seemingly harmless mole, a threat could lurk. After its removal, a tissue sample is sent for a biopsy, this study is mandatory. Results are usually ready in 2-3 weeks. If the malignant nature of the mole is determined, then you will be registered and monitored by an oncologist.

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