❶ How To Look Good At Work

❶ How To Look Good At Work
❶ How To Look Good At Work

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How to look good at work
How to look good at work

A woman spends eight hours at work every day. During this time, she communicates with colleagues and superiors, negotiates or concludes deals. And the success of her career is largely determined not only by the ability to professionally perform her duties, but also by the art of always looking good. Location: Location: The dress code clearly demonstrates the status of the organization. And a woman wearing a formal, formal style usually feels confident and comfortable. Business, formal dress has never failed the weaker sex. And this does not mean at all that one should look like a "blue stocking" and not think about elegance and sophistication. Skillful use of delicate accessories and feminine additions (ruffles, stylish belt,coquettishly tied kerchief) against the background of the general severity and restraint of the costume will give the image of its owner a certain piquancy and restrained sexuality.

With a skilful approach and developed taste, a business style in clothing can make a woman very attractive and at the same time quite inaccessible, which is important for smooth relations in a team.

Essential elements of a stylish business woman:

- Elegant suits with a skirt.

- Elegant trouser suits.

- Classic "white top - black bottom".

- Straight dresses to the knee length and slightly below.

- Blouses, shirts combined with a skirt.

- Always clean shoes.

- Soft makeup.

- Tastefully selected accessories.

- Neat hairstyle or styling.

- Beautiful posture.

It is very important to monitor the condition of your skin. After all, a long stay in office premises, especially at the computer, leads to dry skin. To avoid these troubles, a woman is advised to regularly use moisturizers and nourishing creams. During the working day, so that the skin does not dry out, and the face is fresh and radiant, you can use thermal water in aerosols.

If a woman has an oily skin type, then special wipes will be indispensable helpers in this situation, which can be used to wipe the skin during the day and remove excess sebum.

You can wipe your face with a piece of herbal cosmetic ice every morning. It is a proven skin freshener used by many women. The face after the procedure looks rested and radiant.

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