❶ Features Of Skin Care In The Evening Before Bedtime

❶ Features Of Skin Care In The Evening Before Bedtime
❶ Features Of Skin Care In The Evening Before Bedtime

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Features of skin care in the evening before bedtime
Features of skin care in the evening before bedtime

The moisturizing and nourishing components of face creams are best absorbed at night, when muscles are completely relaxed and cellular respiration is enhanced. In other words, while our body is sleeping, the skin begins to work hard. During sleep, cells are renewed, the skin recovers after daily stress and exposure to adverse factors. Therefore, evening skin care is an important procedure for maintaining a youthful and beautiful face. Location: Location:

You need to take care of your face daily according to the following scheme: cleansing, toning, nutrition and moisturizing. Skin care products must be suitable for the skin type. It is advisable to use proven, high-quality brands.

With the help of daily cleansing, the skin is freed not only from decorative cosmetics, but also from dust and sweat accumulated on its surface for the whole day. The easiest way to cleanse your face is to wash it with cosmetic soap. For these purposes, there are various gels and foams for washing on sale that do not dry out the skin and contain caring ingredients, as well as herbal extracts. Do not wash your face with hot water before going to bed, as high temperatures reduce skin tone, which leads to premature aging, and hot water can provoke increased sebum secretion, which can lead to acne. Therefore, it is better to use cool water for washing.

Once a week, after an evening wash, it is useful to carry out a deep facial cleansing procedure. To do this, steam the skin over a container of hot water, and then use a scrub or peeling mask. These products include the following components: clay, fruit acid, nutshells, coral chips, etc. Deep cleansing procedures increase blood circulation, increase oxygen access to skin cells, remove dead skin particles and deep impurities from the pores.

Cleansed skin should be rubbed along the massage lines with a cotton swab dipped in tonic. The toner tightens pores and prepares the skin to apply a nourishing cream.

Cosmetologists do not recommend using moisturizers at night at a young age. It is better to replace them with light nourishing creams. Choose night creams with vitamins, natural extracts and healthy oils: wheat germ, calendula, almond, nut. Oily skin needs a night's nourishment as much as normal and dry skin.

Experts are of the opinion that nightly facial skin care should be done before 22 pm, since at this time the skin is most prone to caring procedures, it more actively absorbs beneficial substances.

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