❶ How To Grow A Braid

❶ How To Grow A Braid
❶ How To Grow A Braid

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How to grow a braid
How to grow a braid

At all times, long and beautiful hair was considered one of the signs of femininity. Many women dream of growing a long braid, but for this it is necessary to properly care for the hair. There are ways you can make your hair grow faster and healthier and more beautiful. Location: Location: Average hair growth rate is about 1-1.5 cm per month. The braid will not grow faster anyway. But for many people, even such an increase seems to be something unattainable. If your hair is growing slowly, then it's time to take care of their health.

The first thing to do is to trim the tips, for this it is enough to cut them a couple of centimeters. Some people are sure that this should only be done on a waxing moon. It is believed that if cut in descending order, the hair grows more slowly. Is this so - everyone can decide for themselves. When you trim the ends, you get rid of split ends and also speed up hair growth. Instead of a regular trim, you can trim with hot scissors. This procedure "seals" the ends of the hair, preventing them from splitting and spoiling.

It is best to wear your hair in a hairstyle and a braid is perfect for this. Loose, they will get confused, dusty, torn and rub against clothes, which will not add charm to the appearance of your curls.

If possible, give up styling with a hair dryer, curling iron, tongs, do not use any other methods of temperature exposure. All this dries the hair, it starts to grow worse, becomes thin and brittle, splits.

After washing your hair, be sure to use conditioner or balm. Pay attention not only to the root zone, but also to the ends, do not forget to moisturize the hair along the entire length. Nourishing hair mask complexes containing vitamins A and E will greatly help your curls grow faster. Monitor your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, protein foods. Without essential vitamins, your body will not be able to keep your hair in good condition.

Use a wooden comb, not a metal or plastic one, and get a natural bristle brush as well - this will add shine and smoother hair. Brush very carefully so as not to rip or damage the strands. To prevent them from getting tangled at night, braid them, use a cover or a hairnet.

There are special physiotherapy procedures that accelerate hair growth. They can be held in a beauty salon. This is, for example, meso- or ozone therapy. The scalp massage also has an excellent effect, as it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Due to the fact that the hair follicles begin to be better supplied with nutrients, the hair receives more "building" material and begins to grow faster.

You cannot take any of the measures and hope that it will work. Hair care should be comprehensive. In turn, it is part of maintaining good health, since everything in the body is interconnected.

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