❶ How To Choose A Facial Treatment

❶ How To Choose A Facial Treatment
❶ How To Choose A Facial Treatment

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How to choose a facial treatment
How to choose a facial treatment

Some women are preoccupied with facial skin care, they buy a wide variety of cosmetics for this purpose, but, unfortunately, not many people know the basic principles of caring for their appearance, and therefore often all efforts are wasted. Location: Location: In order to find the right skin care, you first need to know what type of skin your skin is.

Oily skin is characterized by the active work of the sebaceous glands, a grayish complexion and a tendency to acne and acne. Dry skin gives a feeling of tightness and dryness, prone to peeling. The most common type of skin is when the skin is oily on the forehead, chin and nose, and dry on the cheeks. And the rare skin type is normal, without a tendency to dryness or oily sheen.

Having determined your skin type, it is easier to choose the right cosmetics and care regimen. So, alcohol-containing cosmetics are contraindicated for dry skin, and for oily skin, on the contrary, such drying agents are suitable. Conversely, to care for dry skin, you need creams and toners high in fatty oils and water.

To choose the right facial treatment, you need to consider the season and climate. However, despite this, there are basic principles that every girl needs to know. There are three main stages of facial skin care.

The first is cleansing. It is best not to use soap and water, but use a cleansing lotion, milk, or cream that is appropriate for your skin type. Be sure to cleanse your skin in the evening, as during the day it is exposed to negative factors under the influence of the environment, as a result of which the skin pores become clogged. Cleansing is also necessary every time before you put on makeup, even in the morning.

The second step is skin toning. It is necessary to make the skin more elastic, to prepare it for the effects of the cream.

The third step is moisturizing or nourishing with a suitable cream or serum.

In addition to these procedures, it is necessary to do periodic deep cleansing by a beautician. Also, do not neglect masks and peeling (exfoliation), this will deeply nourish the skin with nutrients, and also make it smooth and tender.

Be sure to use products that contain UV protection, especially in summer. Keep in mind that getting your skin healthy requires adequate sleep, proper nutrition and massage.

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