❶ Peels, Masks And Wraps For The Turkish Bath Hammam

❶ Peels, Masks And Wraps For The Turkish Bath Hammam
❶ Peels, Masks And Wraps For The Turkish Bath Hammam

Video: ❶ Peels, Masks And Wraps For The Turkish Bath Hammam

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Video: АСМР Пенный Массаж в Турецком Хаммаме/Бане 2023, January
Peeling, masks and wraps for the Turkish bath hammam
Peeling, masks and wraps for the Turkish bath hammam

The culture of water procedures depends on the mentality of the people. Baths of oriental origin are distinguished not only by their architecture, but deep spiritual cleansing is hidden in their rituals. Turkish hamam is becoming popular all over the world thanks to its complex relaxation and recovery techniques. Modern paraphernalia and applications open up new opportunities for a person to achieve harmony of soul and body through methods that have been tested for centuries. Location: Location:

Shower-steam - a shower that shapes emotions.

The shower is ritual by design. What Turkish healers did many centuries ago is now entrusted to automation. Clients are not only filled with life-giving energy, but also overwhelmed with blissful emotions. Shower-steam shower is equipped with four modes.

The aroma mist, consisting of scattered drops, envelops the client. The air is dominated by a fresh mint aroma. The backlight automatically changes the color of the rays from white to blue. After the timer signal, the pipes are automatically dried and the white light comes on.

Ocean. The shower is delivered in very thin streams with a warm temperature regime. The light spectrum from red to green changes automatically. After a predetermined period of time, warm tropical rain begins. The air is fragrant with fruity aromas. Over time, the pressure of water weakens, ends in the same mode as it began. After the set time has elapsed, the program itself drains the pipeline and turns on the white light.

The breeze starts with a light rain. The backlight changes in a warm color spectrum. The client hears the sound of a storm approaching. Then a cool mist envelops the person. In conclusion, warm tropical rain begins.

Tropical rain begins immediately after switching on, consisting of scattered droplets. The backlight changes in the entire spectrum from white to red. A fruity aroma soars.

Turkish massage.

Hand peeling distinguishes Turkish massage from the classical understanding of it. For this purpose, special gloves are used, which are made from goat hair. The main component of the procedure is black soap. Its composition is unique, based on argon oil and black olives. The soap is made by hand only.

Its value lies in the fact that it effectively prevents aging of the skin and the body as a whole. The massage is carried out for a long time and hard, under the influence of the rough surface of the gloves.

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