❶ Remove Cellulite: Modern And Popular Methods

❶ Remove Cellulite: Modern And Popular Methods
❶ Remove Cellulite: Modern And Popular Methods

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We remove cellulite: modern and popular methods
We remove cellulite: modern and popular methods

Cellulite is the formation of subcutaneous fat due to metabolic disorders. The pores of the skin cells become clogged, and this leads to the fact that those substances that must be removed from the cell remain inside. These cells group together and in the connective tissue form islets that are hard to the touch, blocking lymphatic drainage and blood supply, which leads to the accumulation of calcium in the fat cells. In addition, cellulite cells have the ability to attract water, causing swelling in the affected areas. Location: Location:

Modern cellulite treatment provides an integrated approach, because the treatment of cellulite in any one way is ineffective. Therefore, in order for cellulite treatment to be able to bring the desired and visible result, several diverse methods should be used.

All anti-cellulite products can be divided into salon and home remedies. Whichever method you choose, you must adhere to a diet in order to completely get rid of cellulite.

The complex of salon effective measures to combat cellulite includes: massage, water procedures, skin care, special anti-cellulite procedures (masks, scrubs, lymphatic drainage, lipoplaining, wraps), as well as new techniques such as cryoelectrophoresis, cryodestruction and cryodembrasion.

During cryoelectrophoresis, frozen cosmetic preparations are injected under the skin in a special way using a pulsating current. There they thaw slowly, so such special cosmetics work under the skin for up to ten hours, so the effectiveness of its effect increases dramatically. This method avoids any puncture of the skin.

Cryodestruction and cryodembrasion - these procedures require certain equipment and a fairly competent specialist. After all, their task is to remove dark spots, various scars and other noticeable skin lesions. In terms of efficiency, such procedures are in the same row with the laser. In addition, the body perceives cold most naturally, so the cosmetic problem is eliminated faster and heals more easily.

In turn, modern ways to get rid of cellulite include not only the use of various cosmetics, exercise, but also special clothing. There is a wide selection of such clothes. More effective and the most difficult to use is three-layer underwear. Such anti-cellulite shorts, breeches, trousers and tights made of lycra, latex and cotton have been created. Three layers massage the skin, creating a "sauna effect" and removing excess fluid.

Among the folk remedies to combat cellulite, the most effective are: honey massage, anti-cellulite baths, body wraps, masks and scrubs.

Honey massage can be done at home without any special preparation. Take natural honey, apply it to your cellulite areas and pat your hands slowly. Do this massage for at least 10 minutes.

In order to prepare an anti-cellulite bath, almost any herbal extract will do. For example, you can take a warm bath with a 300 g mixture of herbs such as oregano, lavender, rosemary, lavender, horsetail and ivy. Taking a bath should be carried out for 15 minutes, preferably 2 times a week.

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