❶ Rules For Dyeing Hair At Home

❶ Rules For Dyeing Hair At Home
❶ Rules For Dyeing Hair At Home

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Hair dyeing rules at home
Hair dyeing rules at home

In order to change your look or update your hair shade, it is not necessary to visit beauty salons regularly. It is quite possible to dye your hair in the desired color at home. Of course, this requires some skill and patience, as well as the availability of a quality coloring agent. Location: Location:

If you are going to radically change your hair color, then before dyeing, consult your hairdresser or try on a wig of the same shade.

First, determine how many packs of paint you need. If the hair is shoulder-length and below, you will have to buy two packs of the dye composition, so as not to be left with unpainted strands. You can use a regular dishwashing sponge cut in half as a staining tool. Experts even recommend that beginners use a sponge, since not everyone can use a professional paintbrush.

If you want to make your curls snow-white, then before dyeing them with tint paint, lighten your hair with a special bleaching compound. Be sure to test yourself for sensitivity to coloring components by applying a little paint to the elbow area and leaving it for a couple of hours. In the absence of redness, itching and irritation on the skin, you can safely dye your hair.

Be sure to wear gloves and a shoulder cover, as paint of any shade can leave marks on both clothing and body. Prepare a few bobby pins or clips to divide your hair into sections for easy dyeing. Moisturize your hair and divide it into several large strands. Start coloring the curls from the back of the head and roots, as these are the most difficult and difficult to see places.

You can dye each strand separately from roots to ends, or you can first apply dye to the roots and only then cover all the hair with it. The second option is preferable, especially for those who have not yet gotten the hang of dyeing their hair on their own. Make one part in the center and divide each half into small strands, painting them well and securing them with a hair clip. Occasionally comb through the strands with a comb or comb.

When the hair is completely covered with dye, lightly lather it and massage the head, as if washing. Some masters do not recommend covering the hair with cellophane or a scarf, but if the paint runs off, you can use a special dyeing cap. Keep the dye on your hair for the specified amount of time. Longer exposure to paint will not give them color saturation, but under the influence of chemicals it can significantly ruin the curls. Then rinse the hair well from the dye, apply a regenerating balm - the new color is ready.

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