❶ Cat Eye Makeup

❶ Cat Eye Makeup
❶ Cat Eye Makeup

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Makeup "cat's eye" is perfect for any girl, because it is able to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and give the look amazing expressiveness. This makeup will suit almost any situation: just vary the brightness of the color and the intensity of application. With your eyes painted in this way, you can go to work and even to the club. Location: Location:

By the way, the "cat's eye" is not a new invention. It was known back in the fifties of the XX century. Nowadays, this makeup technique has been rediscovered by fashionistas, skillfully giving their look sensuality and expressiveness.

The main elements of makeup are correctly and beautifully made arrows that highlight the shape of the eye cut, as well as visually lengthen it. Bright and clear arrows are made using liquid eyeliner. You can create a softer version with shadows or an outline pencil.

Apply the eyeshadow first to the upper eyelid. Choose your favorite tone to highlight your eye color. It is better to have a dark tone. You can use a smoky gray, purple or brown shade. Blend towards the eyebrow shadow. It is also desirable to shade the lower eyelid with the same color.

Now draw arrows starting from the inner corner of the eye. Run along the lashes and at the same time lift the line to the temple. Pull the eyelid slightly towards the temple - this will make it easier to work. And do not forget to circle the contour of the inner corner of the eye - this technique is required for the type of makeup in question.

In the case of the daytime version, you can limit yourself to only one upper arrow, and in the evening version, draw a similar line along the lower eyelid. Then apply lengthening mascara.

Makeup "cat's eye", which is made with liquid eyeliner, will look more spectacular, but to get even arrows, you will need to first practice. It is easier to draw "cat eyes" with a pencil. To do this, soften the tip of the pencil by applying a couple of strokes to your hand. Try not to recede from the lash line, drawing a line. To hide the roots, apply short vertical strokes, as if rubbing a pencil line between individual cilia. Please note that for this makeup technique you need a soft pencil - it does not flow and is easy to apply.

Now it remains to complement the makeup with bright lipstick (red or pink), and the sophisticated and feminine look is ready.

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