❶ How To Treat Eyelash Loss

❶ How To Treat Eyelash Loss
❶ How To Treat Eyelash Loss

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How to treat eyelash loss
How to treat eyelash loss

The choice of treatment for eyelash loss (we are talking about increased loss) depends on the causes of this problem. In order for the eyelashes to stop falling, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease and use the methods of traditional medicine. Location: Location: The fact that the eyelashes are falling out strongly indicates a change in the state of health. This can occur, with poor nutrition, with inflammatory diseases of the eyes, such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis, if a person is allergic to cosmetics. Before embarking on various procedures that help strengthen the eyelashes, it is necessary, if necessary, to undergo treatment for the underlying disease.

Of course, you must stop using cosmetics for the duration of the treatment. Pay special attention to the medications you are taking and also review your diet. Consult with an experienced specialist, you may need to eliminate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or normalize metabolic processes.

Rub castor or linseed oil into your eyelashes and eyelids before going to bed, you can replace it with a solution of vitamin E. Take vitamin complexes that contain vitamin A (it is responsible for the health of the skin and hair), as well as B vitamins.

In the treatment of eyelash loss, physiotherapy helps well, we are talking about ozone therapy, magnetotherapy, eyelid massage and electrophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs. Using these procedures, you can improve metabolism, remove inflammation, strengthen the hair structure and enhance eyelash growth.

Sometimes, eyelash extensions can cause natural eyelash loss. In this case, you should abandon their further use.

Herbal tinctures and compresses can help treat the problem of eyelash loss. With the help of such infusions, it is possible to reduce inflammation and cure eyelid disease. Chamomile, eyebright and cornflower are most commonly used for treatment. To relieve redness, itching and burning of the eyelids with eye inflammation, it is necessary to put warm herbal compresses on the eyes. Eyelashes will grow healthy, and fall out in the amount that nature planned.

Do not wait for the lashes to fall out completely, as soon as a problem is discovered, take appropriate action. It is easier to prevent a disease than to cure it, do not forget about it.

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