❶ Natural Coloring: Henna And Basma

❶ Natural Coloring: Henna And Basma
❶ Natural Coloring: Henna And Basma

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Natural coloring: henna and basma
Natural coloring: henna and basma

Natural hair coloring is a fairly common technology that is used at home. With the help of natural dyes, you can not only give your hair the desired color, but also have a healing effect on it. Location: Location: Natural hair dyeing is most often done with henna and basma. Henna is a powder made from dried leaves of lavzania, which grows in Central Asia and the Middle East. Fresh henna with a yellow-green color is suitable for use. Basma is made from the leaves of indigo, which also grows in the Middle East.

Henna contains a large amount of essential oils and tannins. Therefore, dyeing hair with henna is not only a harmless process, but also extremely useful. Henna strengthens the hair and its roots, acts as a protection against UV radiation, helps to eliminate dandruff and prevents hair loss.

This dye has strong astringent properties, therefore it is recommended to apply cream or petroleum jelly to the scalp during its application. Also, to avoid staining your hands, you need to use gloves.

Henna is used as a hair dye both independently and together with basma. You should not dye your hair only with basma without henna, as it will give your hair a dark blue color. If you use only henna, then with its help you can get a wide range of reddish-brown shades, from bright carrot color to honey.

You should know that when dyeing with henna, blonde hair will acquire golden hues, dark hair will become red, and gray and lightened ones will be colored with reddish-orange colors.

You also need to remember that dyeing hair with henna is a complex process that requires some experience. To begin with, you should apply the dye to a small strand, check if the result is satisfactory. And if the color suits, then only then dye all the hair. This is especially recommended for those who use henna for the first time. Remember, this long-lasting dye will last for several months.

If you dye your hair with a mixture of henna and basma, you can significantly expand the color range, from light blond to black shades. By mixing two parts of henna and one part of basma, you get a dye that will give your hair a bronze tint. To have brown hair, you must mix both dyes in equal proportions. If you want to become a brunette, then you need to use one part of henna and two parts of basma.

Having determined the proportions, start making a natural dye. To do this, pour a mixture of henna and basma with hot water and grind it thoroughly until a homogeneous thick mass. Apply the resulting gruel to clean hair and wait until it cools. Then you should put on a plastic kerchief on your head, and wrap it with a terry towel on top. The staining time is approximately one and a half hours.

Those with oily hair should replace the water with red wine, and for those with brittle and dry hair, dilute the dye with yogurt, kefir or milk.

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