❶ The Horrors Of Plastic Surgery

❶ The Horrors Of Plastic Surgery
❶ The Horrors Of Plastic Surgery

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Video: The horrors of 'non invasive' Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. 2023, February
The horrors of plastic surgery
The horrors of plastic surgery

This topic concerns not only the female sex. Unfortunately, everyone who has the means and the desire to do it resorts to plastic surgery. Someone needs to tweak their figure, others don't like their nose, and others don't like their lips. And so, with the help of surgery, it is possible to change almost any part of the body. Lying under the knife, no one thinks about how they can get up from the operating table. The horrors of plastic surgery have become more and more common. Location: Location:

Initially, when plastic surgery was still becoming a separate direction in medicine, it was assumed that such operations would be performed for people who had suffered severe facial injuries. And also for people whose excess weight is critical and life-threatening.

But the beauty industry did not stand still, and soon, within the framework of plastic surgeries, such services as a facelift, nose reshaping, eye and eyebrow correction appeared. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with correcting what Mother Nature has "rewarded" with, and on the other hand, there is an unpredictable reaction of the body and unqualified doctors.

The incompetence of doctors is one of the biggest problems in this area. In many cases - the maximum education, these are the advanced training courses for an ordinary surgeon, but no more. And since plastic surgery is a young branch of medicine, such doctors have little experience. Moreover, not a single doctor undertakes to document a hundred percent guarantee of correct healing and the desired effect. You can do a slight facelift and all facial expressions will suffer instead. It is also terrible that another surgeon is not able to fix such problems later. A beauty can lie on the operating table, and a "freak" can get up from there.

The most popular surgery among women is liposuction. Despite its prevalence and apparent simplicity, it is possible to become disabled for life. One incorrect movement of the scalpel, and damage to internal organs awaits. The wrong algorithm, and already before that a seductive tummy will ruin a disgusting scar.

Such an easy procedure as lip augmentation with the help of botox also belongs to plastic surgery. Sometimes this procedure can significantly ruin a woman's pretty face.

There is only one conclusion, if you decide to go under the surgeon's knife, then it is better to spend a large sum, but consult a doctor with many years of practice, and to a clinic showing regular visual positive results.

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