❶ Hot Wax Epilation At Home

❶ Hot Wax Epilation At Home
❶ Hot Wax Epilation At Home

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Hot wax epilation at home
Hot wax epilation at home

Waxing is also called bioepilation or waxing. It is suitable for the face, neck, arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, chest, underarms and bikini area. Waxing can be done both in the salon and at home. Location: Location: Wax is an excellent cosmetic product that allows you to get rid of even coarse and thick hair. It is easy to use, so it can be used at home. Waxing is a safe, quick and inexpensive procedure. When waxing is carried out every 2-3 weeks, the hairs become thinner and less frequent.

For hair removal at home, use hard (hot) or soft (warm) wax.

Hot wax contains resin, vegetable oil or lemon oil. Therefore, the mass does not stick to the skin and does not spread. It opens pores well and heats the skin. The process is almost painless and hairs are easier to remove.

Hot wax epilation at home will be effective only for hairs from 0.5 to 1 cm.

Before the procedure, the treated area must be washed and wiped dry with a towel. Do not lubricate the skin with oil or cream. It should be fat free. To remove excess oil and ease the wax removal, you can apply a talc-free powder to your skin.

Heat the hard wax according to the instructions included with the product to a temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius. Do not overheat the product! The mass should be the consistency of liquid honey.

The wax is applied to the treated area of ​​the skin with a spatula in the direction of hair growth. Place an epilation strip on the applied mass and press it to the body.

Let the wax sit for a couple of minutes. It should harden, but not harden. Then, with a sharp movement, remove the strip against hair growth. Hold the skin with your other hand.

To remove wax residue from your skin, apply any cosmetic or vegetable oil to a cotton pad. Wipe the treated area with it.

After epilation, soothe your skin and relieve irritation with a special lotion or spray. Then treat your skin with a hair growth retardant.

During the day after the procedure, you cannot go to the sauna or bath, it is not recommended to apply cosmetics or perfumes to the skin. After epilation, do not sunbathe for 1-2 days.

Waxing should not be performed for skin diseases or injuries, rashes, moles, warts. It is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, infectious diseases, individual intolerance to the components.

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