❶ How To Dye Your Hair With Basma

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❶ How To Dye Your Hair With Basma
❶ How To Dye Your Hair With Basma

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How to dye your hair with basma
How to dye your hair with basma

The secrets of oriental beauties for hair care today have become known and available to any woman. Especially interesting are the methods of coloring hair with natural dyes, which not only give the hair beautiful natural colors, but also take care of them, make the hair strong and shiny. One of these natural hair dyes, basma, can be bought today without problems and used for home dyeing. Usually, basma dyeing results in beautiful dark shades from chestnut to black. But at the same time, you should know some of the subtleties of its application. The fact is that basma, in fact, can give hair only a green tint or blue-green. To dye your hair with basma and get one of the luxurious oriental shades, you will need to mix it with another natural dye. Location: Location:

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Mix basma and henna powders in the proportion corresponding to the desired shade.

When mixing equal amounts of henna and basma, you get a brown hair color.

For darker, increase the amount of basma in relation to henna powder, lighter, on the contrary, the amount of henna in proportion. To obtain a black tint, you need to take twice as much basma as henna.

Rub the powders prepared in the required proportion in a non-metallic dish, preferably with a wooden spoon, with hot water until smooth.

The prepared mass is applied to the washed hair, starting from the back of the head, in rows, carefully painting over the hair roots.

The rest of the mass is slightly diluted with hot water and applied to the ends of the hair.

Put a plastic cap on your head, tie a towel on top to create a warm effect.

To obtain light shades, the dye should be kept on the hair for 15-45 minutes, dark for 1-2 hours.

Gently rinse off all hair dye without using shampoo or other care products.

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