❶ How To Apply The Highlighter

❶ How To Apply The Highlighter
❶ How To Apply The Highlighter

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How to apply the highlighter
How to apply the highlighter

Highlight - in English means highlight, underline. Thus, this tool is designed to highlight certain areas of the face using color. The highlighter will help to correct the relief of the face and even hide wrinkles. However, do not use it if you have enlarged pores or areas of inflammation on your face. Their highlighter will not only not hide, but also emphasize. Location: Location:

This product comes in a variety of shapes and textures. Creamy, crumbly, liquid and compact - all of these forms can contain a highlighter. That is why it makes accents not due to texture, but due to the fact that it contains reflective particles. They give the face a fresh "regular" look.

To highlight close-set eyes, use an eyeshadow brush to apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye, next to the tear duct. If you apply it additionally under the eyebrows, it will visually enlarge the eyes. But if the eyes are wide apart, then a light accent should be made on the bridge of the nose.

You can emphasize the shape of the eyebrows with a thin line of highlighter, which must be applied under the eyebrow. It should be applied from the middle of the eyebrow towards the temples. In order not to get just a light spot, the line must be carefully shaded. Only in this case will you achieve the desired effect.

Dark circles under the eyes will help to hide the highlighter, which is applied to the bone under the eyes. It will give the face a fresh and rested look.

A small nose can be corrected by applying a highlighter along the side. But applied in the middle, it will mask a large nose.

To make the forehead taller, apply the highlighter to the sides of the forehead and above the eyebrows. It should be remembered that a highlighter applied above the eyebrows will favorably emphasize their shape.

And you can make the lips more prominent and voluminous as follows. Use a highlighter to draw a thin line along the contour of the upper lip and shade it. A line along the bottom lip will add volume. Thus, you can do without using lipstick.

Do not abuse this tool. Applying it to all areas of the face, you can achieve only the effect of phosphorization. But the correct application of the highlighter can achieve a "porcelain" radiance of the face.

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