❶ Face Building: Gymnastics For The Face

❶ Face Building: Gymnastics For The Face
❶ Face Building: Gymnastics For The Face

Video: ❶ Face Building: Gymnastics For The Face

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Video: Фитнес для лица "забей на старость" / facebuilding (KatyaWORLD) 2023, January
Face building: gymnastics for the face
Face building: gymnastics for the face

A set of special exercises that help restore the tone of the facial muscles and increase blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers will help eliminate the first signs of aging that appear on the face after 25 years. Face-building is contraindicated only for people who have undergone plastic surgery and have facial nerve disorders. Location: Location: 1. Place your three middle fingers on either side of the vertical wrinkles on your forehead and press them together. In this case, your ring fingers should be located just above the eyebrows. Spread your arms to the sides, thereby pulling the skin, and, keeping it taut, move your eyebrows together and fix them in this position for a few seconds.

2. Place your index fingers over your eyebrows, following their shape. Raise your surprised eyebrows while resisting with your fingers. This exercise will get rid of horizontal wrinkles.

3. Lift your lower eyelids up as if you are squinting at the sun.

4. Raise the upper eyelids as much as possible to reveal the whiteness above the iris of the eye.

5. Place your ring fingers on the outer edges of the eye sockets and close your eyes. As you do this, you should feel your fingers move towards the center of the eye.

6. Raise the corners of the mouth and lower the lower lip so that the lower teeth are visible.

7. Press your fingertips against the corners of your lips and squeeze them firmly.

8. Place your index fingers on the nasal fold perpendicular to the mouth line and stretch your lips to the sides.

9. Wrinkle your nose to widen your nostrils. Place the middle and index fingers of both hands so that a line forms from the inner corners of the eyes to the edges of the lips.

10. Place your middle fingers on the bridge of the nose and, pulling the skin down, fix this position for a few seconds.

11. Tilt your head back and, bending your lip behind your lower teeth, tighten the muscles of your lower lip and chin. At the same time, you will feel how the muscles of the neck tighten.

12. Tilt your head back, extend the lower jaw and fix this position for a few seconds.

13. Lift your chin to tighten the skin around your neck. Once your jaws are wet, press your tongue against the lower gum from the inside to tighten your neck and hyoid muscles. Repeat the exercise, this time parting your lips and teeth.

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