❶ Henna Staining: Pros And Cons

❶ Henna Staining: Pros And Cons
❶ Henna Staining: Pros And Cons

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Henna staining: pros and cons
Henna staining: pros and cons

Henna is one of the oldest hair dyeing methods, which is still widely used in India. There henna is used not only as a hair dye, but also as the main dye for performing ritual drawings on the body. Location: Location:

Henna, in its traditional application - as a hair dye, found great popularity in Russia back in Soviet times. Honestly, now many will wonder why they should continue to dye their hair with henna with such a huge selection of hair dyes for every color and taste.

Therefore, the first thing worth noting is the naturalness of henna and the absence of any chemical components in its composition. Everything is simple, natural and effective. Also, henna is especially indispensable for people with sensitive skin and allergies to the chemical components of many paints.

It is also worth noting that any hair coloring, even the best and most gentle paint, is harmful to them, regardless of advertisements and loud phrases. Henna, first of all, provides hair care, since the solution made from this miraculous plant not only gives you the desired color, but also strengthens and also heals sore and brittle hair. Especially with regular use.

An interesting property of henna is the cleansing effect, which is able to eliminate any manifestations of dandruff due to its exfoliating effect. That is, in addition to the wonderful rich red hair color, you get free care, health and hair treatment that unnatural dyes are not capable of.

Also, to the pluses of henna, it is worth noting the variety of colors that one single plant can give, depending on the concentration of the consistency and your natural hair color, the range here is really wide from fiery red to pitch black. And do not forget that henna is not washed off, the only thing is that you constantly have to tint the growing ends, but it's not such a big price to pay for hair care.

The only disadvantages include the fact that after applying henna, you cannot dye your hair with another paint or lighten it for a month. Since the hair after such a procedure will acquire a greenish tint.

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