❶ Factors Affecting Nail Growth And Nutrition

❶ Factors Affecting Nail Growth And Nutrition
❶ Factors Affecting Nail Growth And Nutrition

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Factors Affecting Nail Growth and Nutrition
Factors Affecting Nail Growth and Nutrition

Who among women does not want to have beautiful, durable and well-groomed nails! For this purpose, they visit expensive manicure and pedicure salons, buy expensive nail care products. And it is right. However, do not forget that the condition of the nails is an indicator of many problems in the body (well, or their absence). There are several factors that affect nail health. Location: Location:

A very important factor is proper nutrition. For proper growth and a beautiful appearance of nails, it is necessary that a sufficient amount of protein is present in your diet. Fatty amino acids are also needed for nails. Don't forget to eat fish and meat, vegetable oils, sources of protein and healthy fats.

A lack of zinc in the body can cause brittle nails. A sufficient amount of zinc enters the body along with fish, various seafood (mussels, shrimp, crabs. There is also a lot of it in meat (especially beef), in the liver in oatmeal, seeds and legumes.

Calcium, which is important for nails (and hair), is found in dairy products - milk, sour cream, cream, cheese and cottage cheese. Be sure to use them and your nails will be strong and shiny.

Vitamins of group A (carotene) and B are very useful for nail growth. Eat carrots, pumpkin, eggs, as well as cereals, herbs, wheat and oats. Iron is a must for those who want to have healthy nails. A lot of it is found in red meat, liver, apples, as well as in buckwheat.

As you can see, the diet recommended for the growth and nutrition of nails practically coincides with the one recommended for a healthy lifestyle - a lot of fiber, greens, vitamins, a moderate intake of fats (preferring vegetable ones), and a minimum of carbohydrates. This suggests that beautiful nails are possible only with a balanced, healthy diet.

By the way, strict diets, which modern women love to get carried away with, are not at all good for nails, not only for the whole body. Lack of vitamins and essential minerals and trace elements instantly affects the nails. They become brittle, stained and have an uneven wavy surface.

Dehydration is also harmful for nails. Even if you eat right, you can still have brittle, unkempt nails. This may be due to harmful environmental influences. Use gloves when doing household chores (cleaning, washing dishes), as well as during other activities that can damage your nails.

Use special products that nourish the nails - oils that can be rubbed into the nail, as well as vitamins for the growth of nails and hair.

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