❶ How To Get The Perfect Pedicure Fast

❶ How To Get The Perfect Pedicure Fast
❶ How To Get The Perfect Pedicure Fast

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How to get the perfect pedicure fast
How to get the perfect pedicure fast

A beautiful and fashionable pedicure can be done at home. The pedicure technique is quite simple and does not require special knowledge. With regular foot care, you will see how smooth your skin and how strong and beautiful your nails are. Location: Location: Before starting a pedicure, wash your feet and remove old nail polish. Now you can start the main stage of the procedure - steaming your feet. Pour slightly hot water into a basin, add bath gel or foam. You can add sea salt. Place your feet in the basin for 10 minutes. It is advisable to apply a special exfoliating scrub on the feet. After the time has passed, wipe your feet dry.

Take a pumice stone or a foot brush and scrub the heels, pads, and sides of your feet. Rinse your feet and spread them with a special moisturizer. Wait until the cream is completely absorbed.

Now you can start massaging your feet. Place some massage oil on your foot and rub it with your thumbs. Next, go to your fingers, massage each finger separately.

When the skin is soft, proceed with the cuticle removal. To do this, drop a little oil on it and move it with a special stick.

Shape your nails with tweezers. The main thing is to make your nails the same length and leave room for them to grow. File the edges of the nails with a file, giving them a rounded shape. As for the rectangular shape, it is better to avoid it, as the nails can grow into the skin, which is very painful.

Don't forget to polish your nails. There are special files for this. Polishing will give the nails a shine, and the varnish will lay down smoothly and easily. Before applying the varnish, make sure that there is no layer of cream and oil on the nails, otherwise the varnish will not fall.

Insert cotton swabs or special spacers between your fingers to make it easier to apply varnish. Apply a clear base to your nails and let dry. Now you can paint your nails in any color. Once the polish is completely dry, your pedicure is finished.

If you perform a pedicure every 8-10 days, your legs will take on an updated look: the skin will become soft and smooth, and it will be much more pleasant to wear sandals.

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