❶ Wine Body Wrap

❶ Wine Body Wrap
❶ Wine Body Wrap

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Wine body wrap
Wine body wrap

Beauty treatments using wine and grape seeds have been known since the days of ancient Rome. The beauties of the eternal city loved to take baths with wine and grape juice. This made their skin soft and velvety. Location: Location: The fashion for wine procedures has not passed to this day. And the reason is that such wraps help the female body to relieve the feeling of tension, fight fatigue and stress. They tone the skin, make it soft and elastic, and even out the color and texture of the skin.

Today wine wraps are often included in rejuvenation programs, as wine contains antioxidants that slow down the aging process.

The salons use Caudalie products or a creamy pulp made of grape pulp and natural wine yeast for wine wrapping. Sometimes essential oils or honey are added. A white grape wrap helps fight stretch marks. Alatonin and chitosan, which are contained in it, retain moisture. Wraps based on seeds and pulp of red grapes help to increase immunity.

In order to carry out the wrapping procedure at home, you need to take 1/2 cup of dry kelp, crushed into powder (you can buy it at any pharmacy). Then pour boiling water over and leave to infuse for twenty minutes. After that, you need to mix the kelp solution with 1/2 cup of dry red wine and add 4 tablespoons of blue clay to the mixture.

Before starting the procedure, be sure to cleanse the skin. This can be done with any scrub. Then the wrapping will have the best effect.

After cleansing, apply a wine wrap mixture to damp skin. Then wrap yourself with cling film, and put on a warm robe on top and relax a little in a horizontal position. After one hour, you need to take a contrast shower and apply a nourishing cream to the body.

Wine wraps are contraindicated for hypertension, skin diseases, cardiovascular and gynecological diseases.

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