❶ Moles: Dangerous Or Safe?

❶ Moles: Dangerous Or Safe?
❶ Moles: Dangerous Or Safe?

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Moles: Dangerous or Safe?
Moles: Dangerous or Safe?

Moles are weak spots in the skin. They arise whether you want to or not. In principle, they do not interfere, so no one pays special attention to them. But it also happens that moles become inflamed and turn into melanoma. So how should you treat them? Location: Location:

Moles are altered areas of the skin. They can be located anywhere. Newborn children also have them. However, most of them will appear a little later. With the growth of the child, moles also increase.

The changes that occur with moles are most evident in adolescence, at a time when puberty is actively occurring. Women who are expecting a baby also often notice that more and more moles appear on their bodies. This happens because during pregnancy, the body is restructuring the endocrine system. As a result of hormonal treatment, a lot of moles also appear.

Ultraviolet radiation has a great effect on changes in moles. Therefore, after sunburn, many people note the appearance of moles, moreover, some of them change.

If you notice that a mole suddenly begins to change its structure and appearance, then you need to contact a specialist. After all, only a doctor can determine for sure whether your mole is safe, or whether it will turn into melanoma. The name melanoma comes from melanocyte cells. It is they who form it. They multiply incessantly, their number is constantly growing, as well as their size. In other words, melanoma is a type of tumor.

This rebirth happens very quickly. If the mole is injured by something, then, in an effort to “fix the damage,” the cells of melanocytes actively multiply. If a person has a hereditary, hormonal or immunological predisposition to the development of tumors, then his mole will most likely turn into melanoma.

When should moles be removed? If they do not cause any disturbance, then it is better not to touch them. But if a mole gets in the way, then you need to contact a specialist, and he himself will decide whether to remove it. Removal of a mole should be carried out only in a hospital. Before this, it is necessary to carry out all the recommended examinations and analyzes.

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