❶ How To Enlarge Breasts

❶ How To Enlarge Breasts
❶ How To Enlarge Breasts

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How to enlarge breasts
How to enlarge breasts

Those women who are unhappy with the small size of their breasts want to enlarge it in some way. Beautiful breasts not only give self-confidence, but also attract the views of the opposite sex. Location: Location: Recently, plastic surgery for breast augmentation has been popular, but this method requires huge financial additions and systematic correction. There are also a number of complications and limitations.

It is possible to enlarge breasts without the involvement of specialists in the field of surgery To do this, you should choose a set of physical exercises that not only increase the size of your breasts, but also strengthen your muscles. The set of exercises is aimed at improving posture and strengthening the back muscles. This is necessary in order to form a straight posture, which will visually enlarge the chest and give it a beautiful shape.

Dumbbell exercises, floor or bench push-ups are effective ways to strengthen your back muscles. Hands with dumbbells must be raised in different directions to shoulder level. The following exercise also helps to increase the size and improve the shape of the chest: press with both hands of the hands, having previously closed the palms in the lock. The resistance should not be very strong, as this will negatively affect the result.

The second method of breast augmentation is the use of cosmetics containing phytoestrogens. The result is due to the fact that these drugs accelerate metabolic processes and cause increased blood circulation. It should be noted that the effect is achieved almost immediately, but after the cessation of the use of creams and gels, the size and shape of the breast becomes the same.

Good results can be achieved with a vacuum procedure. Massage with special bowls ensures blood flow to the mammary glands. The result, as a rule, remains for several weeks, after which the procedure is repeated. It is recommended to carry out vacuum massage under the supervision of a specialist, as non-compliance with the pressure level can harm the sensitive area.

A safe but very long-term method is the use of foods containing phytoestrogens. These include legumes (beans, peas, soybeans, lentils, beans) and grains.

In order to visually enlarge the breast, it is enough to purchase special underwear with lining (silicone, foam rubber), due to which the breast is significantly lifted. This is ideal for a social event or a romantic dinner, as it does not require time and effort.

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