❶ New Years Makeup: Gem Shade Eyeshadow

❶ New Years Makeup: Gem Shade Eyeshadow
❶ New Years Makeup: Gem Shade Eyeshadow

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New Year's Makeup: Gem-Tinted Eyeshadow
New Year's Makeup: Gem-Tinted Eyeshadow

Many women prepare for the upcoming New Year in advance and think about how they will look at the holiday party. Make-up is an important element of the New Year's look. One of the latest fashion trends is the use of gem-tinted eyeshadows. Location: Location: Since the makeup for the New Year is evening, you can safely use various bright colors, sparkles and mother-of-pearl. Sparkling eyeshadow colors in a gemstone tone will highlight your personality and make your look expressive and deep.

In order for such makeup to look natural and harmonious, it is better to use dry, loose shadows. You can add some glitter and mother of pearl.

Put foundation on your eyelids before applying makeup. For loose eyeshadows, this should be a sheer powder, since dry shadows will clump on foundation.

Then paint over the lid with a bright sparkling shade of blue, emerald or purple up to the brow or crease above the lid. To keep the color even and the shadows do not crumble, it is better to use a soft brush and blow off the excess before applying.

Add lines of a darker shade above the eyelids and at the corners of the eyes. This will make the makeup appear more complex and effective.

Then paint over the central area of ​​the upper eyelid again with a bright shade. You can also add some glitter here.

Use a translucent powder with mother-of-pearl to make your eyeshadow shimmer and shine in the light just like precious stones. It will also help you secure the eyeshadow on your eyelid.

Adjust the borders of the shadows with a cotton swab and then paint the lashes with black mascara. It's best not to use a liner or pencil, or your eyelids will feel too heavy.

When using eyeshadow in a gemstone shade, the rest of your makeup should be in pastel shades, and the use of bright blush and lipstick should be discarded. In addition, remember that you cannot wear too bright clothes to such shadows - the main set should be gray, white, beige, brown or black. If you want to add a bright spot to your clothes, use a small accessory to match the shadow color. It can be a thin strap, gloves or a clutch.

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