❶ Basic Hair Types

❶ Basic Hair Types
❶ Basic Hair Types

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Basic hair types
Basic hair types

Hair type is the main factor when choosing hair care products and hairstyles. You can determine your type by contacting a specialist or on your own, observing the main signs of hair. Location: Location: There are millions of sebaceous glands located on the scalp, which are located near the base of the hair. In some, the glands work very intensely, which is why the hair quickly becomes dirty and oily. In others, on the contrary, the activity of the glands is somewhat slowed down, so the hair does not receive the required amount of lubrication. Based on this, in trichology, there are four main types of hair: dry, oily, normal and mixed.

Dry hair type

Hair of this type is rough to the touch, brittle with split ends or split ends. They lack natural shine, elasticity and radiance. They are characterized by increased porosity and rigidity. In most cases, you will notice excessive splendor immediately after shampooing. Dry hair is often associated with frequent dyeing or perming, using an iron, hot hair dryer or curling iron. This type of hair gets dirty slowly and can stay clean for up to seven days.

Oily hair type

This type can be easily identified by the characteristic shine and gluing of the strands the very next day after shampooing. Owners of such hair have oily skin, acne, acne and excessive sweating. All of these signs indicate the active work of the sebaceous glands. Oily hair can be easily styled with the help of special products, but styling lasts a short time. Such hair is practically not electrified, characterized by low porosity. Most often, this problem is a consequence of improper nutrition, hormonal disruptions or metabolism. A genetic predisposition is also possible.

Normal hair type

Normal hair looks healthy, strong and shiny without sticking together. You can easily make any hairstyle from them, they are elastic, durable and flexible. In this case, the sebaceous glands of the head produce a moderate amount of fat, the hair becomes dirty after a couple of days. The skin is healthy and does not need additional nutrition and hydration. Normal hair lends itself to easy combing, the ends do not split.

Mixed hair type

Owners of this type of hair can have an oily sheen at the roots and excessive dryness of the ends. The mixed type is the result of exposure to clarifying agents or the hot air of a hair dryer. It is recommended to wash such hair exclusively in water at room temperature using a normal type shampoo. Reduce the amount of shampoo you use and remember to use conditioner.

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