❶ How To Use Perfume Correctly

❶ How To Use Perfume Correctly
❶ How To Use Perfume Correctly

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How to use perfume correctly
How to use perfume correctly

Perfume is a cosmetics with which every woman dreams of emphasizing her individuality. Only cosmetics are completely invisible, but exciting with their aromas of all people around. In order for all men to lose their heads and minds from the exquisite trail of your perfume, you need to learn how to use perfume. Location: Location:

Choosing a perfume that suits only you is quite difficult. In this matter, you cannot rely on the advice of close friends or on advertising a fashion brand. The same perfume, in contact with the skin of different people, can produce different and dissimilar fragrances. Choose scents that do not irritate you, please, and improve your mood. Perfume can tell a lot about your temperament and preferences.

Fragrances are applied only to a clean body. The ideal option would be to use lotion, soap, body cream and deodorant in the same group of perfume. If this is not possible, then try to choose cosmetics with a neutral scent that will not interrupt the perfume and mix with it.

Perfume is usually applied to the wrists, shoulders, neckline, elbow bends, temples, and behind the earlobes. You can spray perfume in front of you at arm's length. Then boldly enter the exquisite cloud of perfume.

There is no need to apply a lot of perfume to create your look. At all times, this was considered rather bad form. After all, everything is good in moderation. The strong smell of perfume can irritate people around you. Using perfume correctly is a whole science. If you want your favorite scent to accompany you throughout the day, then carry a bottle of perfume with you in your purse. If necessary, you can always use it at the right time.

Always using perfume alone, women cease to feel their enchanting scent. Connoisseurs of cosmetic products recommend that everyone occasionally change their perfume. After a while, you will be able to fully enjoy your favorite scent again.

Specialty stores offer a wide range of light and heavier scents. The latter are usually used in the evening, in winter, when visiting theaters and parties. Light scents are good for spring and summer. They are best applied in the morning. They are most appropriate in the workplace, offices and offices.

But on hot days and before playing sports, it is best to refuse perfume. When mixed with sweat, perfume can dramatically change the scent and present you in the most unfavorable light. It is best to use neutral deodorants at these times.

Proper use of perfume will benefit from the unique beauty of any woman.

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