❶ All About Gels, Mousses, Varnishes

❶ All About Gels, Mousses, Varnishes
❶ All About Gels, Mousses, Varnishes

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All about gels, mousses, varnishes …
All about gels, mousses, varnishes …

Gone are the days when girls had to style their hair with kvass, soapy or sugar water, beer or … What else did the inventive ladies of the past decades invent? Today, in any, even the most unpresentable, cosmetics store, a lot of different hair styling products are presented to the attention of the happy female half. The right choice of varnish, foam or gel will help to preserve your hairstyle for a long time and protect your hair from harmful environmental influences. Location: Location:

When choosing a mousse, pay attention to the composition and smell of the product. The composition should not contain alcohol, and the smell should be light and unobtrusive. A good styling mousse does not weigh hair down, although it forms the thinnest protective layer on its surface. Apply the mousse to clean, slightly damp hair, shaping the style. If time is short, you can dry your hair with a hairdryer. High-quality mousse makes hair manageable, silky and pleasant to the touch.

Alcohol in varnish, as well as in mousse, is an undesirable element. It dries hair, irritates the scalp, and can provoke allergic reactions. Refuse to buy varnish with a strong, aggressive smell (this is the smell of cheap varnishes).

The varnish is applied to completely dried hair, laid with foam, from a distance of 20-30 centimeters. Do not think that the more varnish, the better: if the product is of high quality, then one layer will be enough for reliable fixation, and if not, no matter how much you “water” your hair with varnish, it will still not hold. Do not touch your hair until the polish is completely dry, otherwise you will ruin your hair. Shake, turn your head - if you have chosen a good hairspray, your hair will be beautiful, shiny and bouncy.

It is wrong to think that only people with short hairstyles use the gel. Gels can be used for different purposes: wet effect, coloring, general purpose (they highlight strands or curls on an already finished hairstyle). A small amount of gel on the hair while curling with tongs will give the curls a special elasticity and shape. When creating extravagant hairstyles of complex shapes, the gel is simply irreplaceable! If you need a very secure styling, use gel wax.

When choosing any hair styling product, you need to consider the strength of fixation. For thin and light hair, a regular or light formula is suitable (too strong products will unnecessarily weigh "airy" hair, can deprive the hairstyle of volume). If you have heavy hair, it is better to get a strong hold or super strong hold.

Hairstyles, situations, and moods vary - don't limit yourself to just polish or mousse. The styling products described in this article should be in every woman's arsenal. And best of all, never go to bed without rinsing the styling product off your hair!

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