❶ Day And Night Creams

❶ Day And Night Creams
❶ Day And Night Creams

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Day and night creams
Day and night creams

Creams are divided into night and day. Make-up artists and cosmetologists distinguish another category - evening creams, the function of which is to prepare the skin for the application of a night cream. Means for daytime use are lighter in consistency. It is recommended to use two creams in combination, periodically changing the manufacturer. Location: Location:

The density of night creams is very high, they contain at least 70% fats and water. As a rule, they need to be applied before bedtime, on cleansed skin. First, you can wipe the skin with a tonic using a cotton swab and then apply the product in a thin layer. Blot excess with a napkin. The cream begins to work 2 hours after application. During the night, the skin is restored, saturated with nutrients.

You can use night creams after 28 years. They are ideal for those with dry skin. If the skin is normal or oily, it is sufficient to apply the cream to the area around the eyes and lips. The main function of night creams is restorative.

Day creams are ¾ water and have a very light consistency. Day creams do not penetrate into deep layers of the skin, soften it and protect it from dust and dirt. They are applied in a thin layer, due to the minimum content of fat, the skin, after their application, does not shine.

For normal, oily and combination skin, you need to choose moisturizing cream formulas, for dry and sensitive skin - nourishing. Matting agents eliminate oily sheen and tighten pores.

The day cream is applied 30 minutes before going outside. A good product that retains moisture until evening, serves as a base for applying makeup and protects against UV rays.

Night creams are also selected depending on the type of skin, products with additions of cucumber and parsley, with fat-soluble vitamins D, A and E, as well as with collagen, improve the complexion. If the skin is sluggish, you should purchase a cream containing honey and milk.

Day creams have a more pronounced scent than night creams. Essential oils are often found in night creams. It is good if the product contains herbal ingredients.

You need to use night and day creams in a complex, you can store them in a room, with the exception of products that were made according to a prescription in a pharmacy or made at home based on herbal decoctions. Such cosmetics should be put in the refrigerator after use, stored at a temperature of +2 degrees.

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