How To Make Bangs

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How To Make Bangs
How To Make Bangs

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How to make bangs
How to make bangs

When you want to change your image, the entire arsenal of necessary tools is not always at hand. By resorting to a simple technique, you can quickly make adjustments to your appearance. A well-made bang will add spice to you. Without much investment, you get a sense of radical change. And the changes in appearance that will surprise your surroundings will be the work of your own hands. Location: Location:

You will need

Fine-toothed comb, hair brush, sharp scissors

Standing in front of the mirror, determine the length of your future bangs. Do not hurry. Of course, hair grows quickly, but this is the case when it is worth measuring seven times. Comb your hair smoothly, figure out exactly how it will look after you do the bangs. Lift your hair with your fingers, tousle it slightly in order to understand how it will look uncombed.

Determine what length of bangs will look best on your hair. If you already have bangs and need to be trimmed, estimate how much you need to cut. Keep in mind that long bangs will invariably go into your eyes, it interferes with looking and makes you nervous.

If your hair is manageable enough, wash your hair before starting bangs. But if the hair is difficult to style, then it is better to cut the bangs on the second day after shampooing. The day after washing, the hair is more manageable and lies better, while cleanly washed hair frizzs more.

If washing is not required, use a stiff bristled brush to comb through your hair properly. Lightly dampen your hair where you will cut your bangs.

If you cannot do without shampooing, then after you wash your hair, comb your hair properly. Pat dry with a towel and comb again until it is as smooth as possible.

Take scissors. Hold your hair with your hand if necessary and start cutting where you want it. Everything needs to be done in one smooth, incessant movement. If you stop, you will go off the chosen line. As a result, the bangs may be crooked. Therefore, you need to act without haste, but confidently.

If you want straight bangs, keep your scissors horizontal. The brush should not deviate to the sides. If you want side bangs, cut your hair sideways. Try not to shake your hand. Otherwise, the bangs will turn out to be wavy or zigzag, and they will have to be trimmed over and over again.

When you have finished cutting your hair, comb through the resulting bangs. If you notice that individual strands are knocked out of the resulting bangs, trim them. Re-wet your bangs if necessary. Wet bangs will lie more evenly, you can better correct them.

After you've finished your bangs, dry your hair and comb your hair.

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