❶ Coffee Peeling At Home

❶ Coffee Peeling At Home
❶ Coffee Peeling At Home

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Coffee peeling at home
Coffee peeling at home

Some cosmetic products contain caffeine, which makes the skin smooth, toned and healthy. These funds are usually not cheap, but why overpay a lot of money if a source of caffeine in its original form is in every home in an ordinary kitchen cabinet. We can say that coffee peeling costs nothing, and the effect of it is truly unrivaled. Location: Location:

Peeling is usually called a cosmetic procedure for deep cleansing of the skin, the elimination of dead skin particles with abrasive substances. Ground coffee beans are perfect for this purpose, and the caffeine they contain helps to restore the elastic structure of the skin, makes it taut and elastic, nourishes and moisturizes it.

Do not forget about the pleasant side effect of coffee peeling, after which the body begins to exude a light coffee aroma, which stimulates brain activity and improves lung function.

By themselves, the coffee beans remain quite coarse even after the finest grinding, so it's best to mix them with something. Consider the type and condition of your skin. For dry skin, it is better to take sour cream, for oily kefir or even honey. Since the procedure is most convenient in the bathroom, add a little of your usual shower gel to the bowl with the mixture, this will help you distribute the coffee more evenly throughout the body.

Wash your body with hot water as usual. This is necessary to open the pores so that the effect of the peeling is as great as possible. Smoothly apply the peeling mixture all over the body. Start from the abdomen, apply the mixture in a strictly circular direction in a clockwise direction. This is very important for the abdomen, you can move along the rest of the body as you like.

Try to touch the breasts and intimate places as little as possible. You can also exfoliate your face, but make a separate mixture for this by mixing coffee with your usual nourishing cream.

Give the coffee 3 to 5 minutes of exposure time and rinse it off with plain warm water. After the first application, your skin will become taut and velvety to the touch. But do not get carried away with exfoliation too often. 1-2 times a week is enough for the effect to manifest itself to the maximum.

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