❶ How To Deal With Blackheads

❶ How To Deal With Blackheads
❶ How To Deal With Blackheads

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How to deal with blackheads
How to deal with blackheads

It is customary to call dirty pores "black dots". They are the ones that cause a lot of inconvenience, because it is almost impossible to hide them with foundation or powder. In order to get rid of them, there are a number of procedures. Location: Location: Blackheads can appear in both women and men. Most often they are located on the nose, wings, forehead and chin. Their appearance can be associated with the constant use of cosmetics, not thorough cleansing of the skin, with excess sebum secretions and other reasons.

The fight against blackheads starts with a simple cleanse. Wash your face every morning and evening with a cleansing gel, facial soap or foam. Girls need to remove makeup as best as possible. Do this with the help of special cosmetic products - milk, gel, foam or lotion. Train yourself to rinse off makeup as soon as you get home, not before bed. It is advisable to use powder as little as possible.

Always use a toner after cleansing. Apply it to a cotton pad and wipe your face. This treatment completes the cleansing process, tightens pores and helps you reduce the appearance of blackheads. Choose products with salicylic acid in the composition. It is she who will help you reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands and improve the condition of the skin.

Various masks help to get rid of blackheads. The simplest, but most effective, is based on ordinary clay. Its powder can be bought at a pharmacy for a very reasonable price. Dilute a teaspoon of clay (black or white) with water to a sour cream consistency, apply on face and wait fifteen minutes. During this time, the mixture dries out and absorbs pore impurities. Rinse off such a mask with warm water, then be sure to wipe your face with a tonic.

Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, the raw protein of one egg, add aloe juice if possible. Whisk the mixture until smooth, apply to areas where there are blackheads. Rinse off with water after ten minutes.

An obligatory attribute of the fight against blackheads is the use of scrubs. Exfoliate dead cells no more than once a week. Oily and sensitive skin should not be completely scrubbed. Use the scrub only where clogged pores are bothering you.

If all these methods do not work well, you will have to see a specialist. A simple facial cleansing procedure (mechanical or ultrasonic) will relieve you of clogged pores for about a month.

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