❶ 5 Express Ways To Always Look Great

❶ 5 Express Ways To Always Look Great
❶ 5 Express Ways To Always Look Great

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5 express ways to always look great
5 express ways to always look great

Do you need to look brilliant after a hectic party or a sleepless night before an exam? To remove signs of fatigue and give your face a rested and fresh look, you can use quick response tools and some folk methods. Take on board a few quick tips and charm those around you with your youth and beauty at any time of the day. Location: Location: Target # 1: Radiant Skin

To cope with dull complexions, use creams with reflective particles, energy masks and light peels. But do not overdo it with the latter, otherwise you risk only aggravating the situation. Sleepy skin is quite sensitive to external irritants, so it is better to give preference to an enzyme scrub with a mild exfoliating effect. Apply it only on damp skin, strictly along the massage lines of the face with smooth movements. After rinsing your face with cool water, or even better with chilled black tea, it is able to give the skin a slight tan. Then apply a thick layer of moisturizer with reflective particles. Blot your face with a paper towel before applying makeup.

Goal # 2: "Clear Sight"

One of the easiest ways to relieve eye strain is to apply something cold to your skin (ice cube, chilled spoon, etc.). Experts recommend storing eye gels and creams in the refrigerator, thanks to which their effect is increased several times. In the fight against dark circles under the eyes, all the same creams with reflective particles will help you, they can lighten the problem area and, as it were, "open up" your eyes. To quickly smooth out fine wrinkles around the eyes, use ready-made eye compresses - patches. Put this "cosmetic patch" over your eyes immediately after waking up. While you are basking in bed, the remedy will already take effect.

Goal # 3: "A face without traces of fatigue"

It happens that face products do not work as well as we would like. In this case, decorative cosmetics will come to the rescue: a light concealer, a foundation with a shine effect, powder, blush, etc. To visually "open up" your eyes, use light shimmery shadows and black mascara. To keep your eyes from looking sleepy, draw a thin line along the upper lash line with a gray or brown pencil. And you can achieve a velvety look if you dye your eyelashes in a special way: first apply brown mascara, let it dry, and then paint over the tips of the eyelashes with coal black mascara.

Goal 4: "Edema-free skin"

To get rid of excess fluid in the body, experts advise taking a decoction of parsley, but the result will not be noticeable immediately. But if you need to quickly get rid of swelling, use eye pads, creams and gels that activate microcirculation and eliminate excess fluid. These products usually contain a large amount of antioxidants.

Goal # 5: "Easy gait"

Cooling gels and baths with salt and essential oils, which are best done before bed, can help relieve tired legs. And of course, don't forget about massage and gymnastics.

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