❶ Rose Oil For Face Skin Care

❶ Rose Oil For Face Skin Care
❶ Rose Oil For Face Skin Care

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Rose oil for skin care
Rose oil for skin care

They say that beauty is self-sufficient. Even if this statement is true, it does not apply to the rose. The healing properties of the oil obtained from the petals of this flower have been known for a long time. Due to its anti-aging properties, rose essential oil is excellent for use in facial skin care products. Many of these products can be made at home. Location: Location:

Oily skin care products

Oily facial skin can cause a lot of grief: it often becomes inflamed and does not look particularly aesthetically pleasing. True, it is believed that this type of skin ages more slowly, but this is hardly a good consolation.

For oily skin, use rose oil lotion. To prepare it, mix one hundred grams of glycerin, fifty milliliters of ethyl alcohol, two hundred milliliters of water and ten grams of dry rose petals. Infuse the mixture for a week, then strain the infusion and add five drops of rose oil to it. Wipe your face with this lotion morning and evening.

The citrus pink lotion works well for removing makeup from oily skin. To prepare it, grind fifteen grams of orange and ten grams of lemon along with the peel. Add twenty grams of mint leaves and forty grams of rosemary leaves. Pour the mixture with twenty milliliters of alcohol, add fifty milliliters of rose water and mix all the ingredients. Add ten milliliters of rose oil and leave the mixture for three days. The present mixture should be filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

Dry skin care products

With good care, dry skin can look pretty good, but if you make the slightest mistake, it starts to shrink and flake off. Try moisturizing dry skin with a creamy pink lotion. To prepare it, take a glass of heavy cream and add two drops of rose oil and geranium oil to it.

For nourishing dry skin, a rose oil and apple mask is suitable. Mix two tablespoons of mashed apple with a teaspoon of cream and egg yolk. Beat the mixture with a mixer and gradually add ten milliliters of rose oil. This mask should be applied to steamed skin and kept on for twenty minutes.

Sensitive skin care products

Skin that reacts to adverse weather conditions and cosmetics definitely needs to be treated with care. Since mineral oils are contraindicated for this type of skin, prepare a beeswax cream. You will need to melt fifteen grams of beeswax and sixty grams of almond oil in a water bath. Remove the mixture from heat and start whisking, adding ten milliliters of rose oil drop by drop. Like most homemade creams, this formulation should be refrigerated.

A common problem for sensitive skin is bursting capillaries. A mixture of ten milliliters of jojoba oil and one drop of rose oil will help in this situation.

Before using home cosmetics, you should make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to its components. In addition, you should, after consulting your doctor, find out if you have any contraindications to the use of rose oil.

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